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Getting ready for the half marathon this weekend. Headed to Tampa to the Relay Advisory Team meeting from Thursday to Sunday – running with Judy all mornings and I am here long enough on Thursday to get a run in too (hopefully with Tina because I missed her this morning. : (

Here is the site with the information on the race….—>>> CLICK HERE it is such a great run. I did this race back in the early nineties and hit my PR last year here, soon to be faster at the Swanzey 1/2 and then Boston, and then this year’s Big Lake! So – with a new PR of 1:28:48 from Big Lake, I am not sure of a new goal, so here I go with some easy goals and predictions.

“My heart is connected and my rest lately is giving me that extra edge” time: 1:27:15
“Knowing the course, getting enough sleep the night before and diet is JUST right, this to is possible”: 1:28:40 (and would my PR by 8 seconds)
“Not my day, long week in Florida, too much food and Judy made me drink too much” : 1:31:00″

Here is the recipe for Sue Logan’s power bars – I LOVE them, but they are so HIGH in points I haven’t allowed myself to make them in a long time… but maybe now that I am in the heat of the season again and feeling at the top of my game for fitness and weight, I may just make some up today!

Toast in oven: 350/15 min
1 1/2 cu oatmeal
1/4 c sesame seeds

Mix and stir into:
3 c dried fruits & nuts
1/2 c. wheat germ
4 c grape nuts (I use GO LEAN CRUNCH)
1/2 c protein powder
1 1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp cinamon

Heat in pan
1 1/4 c PB
2 c rice or corn syrup
1/2 c honey

Mix together and press into cookie sheet
Cut and freeze for storage

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