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This week is a tribute to post it notes which I used to collect when I found a “saying” that was worth collecting.  My friend Kathy Carroll from NH collected notes and would often place one on someone’s desk proclaiming a job well done or have a happy day or anything positive.  I looked forward to receiving those notes from her and took that on myself to include a post it with every shipment or note that I would send in the mail.  Just an added positive note to make their day.  So look around and see if you can find a post it pad that fits your personality and maybe this technique will work for you.

Here is my current collection: 

 Always an easy one to fill out  🙂

Distractions are upon us!

Love this one – definitely a “motto” of mine!

 This was a Dilbert classic – can’t find the original so I made it up – so funny!

Another Dilbert – definitely Dilbert.

LOVE dessert!  “Life is too short — Eat dessert first” is also a favorite!

From my friend Tina — (very sweet indeed)

 And this one I always think of my friend Susan….  who taught me that wine is a fruit and needed for the daily pyramid of healthy eating.

So what is your favorite post it saying?
Please share in the comment section below.

Thanks for stopping by!

To participate follow these simple steps…..

Step 1 – Mark it on your calendar it is Post it Tuesday! What a great concept by “Supah” – author of the FAMOUS Adventures of a Wanna Be Supah Mommy. She has it all outlined here on her blog and then every Tuesday she collects the links to what others are “posting” on their blogs. It is a great way to visit other blogs of interest and check out the virtual neighborhood!

Step 2 – Think of your own post its – inspirational, facts, thoughts – whatever is top of mind right now, today and something worth sharing (or not). 🙂
Step 3 – Make your own post it here
Step 4 – Post it to your blog

Step 5 – Share your link with Supah – her link is at the bottom of this post —  or me in my comment section.

Leave me a note if you stopped by — I love to hear your comments!


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