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Looking through my archives I found some good stuff on Photo tips that I used for conference calls promoting this photo contest we had for Relay years ago (probably about 5 years ago now!). We got some great photos that year – but it was a LOT of work milling through all the entries!

I used to subscribe and get tips in my mailbox, but found this great section on Kodak that gives incredible tips for all sorts of photo opportunities – worth a look!

Rules to Live By

These rules for video photography were compiled by Rich Murphy, Chief Photojournalist WFLA-TV 8 in Tampa, Fla. He presented this and other tips to still photographers interested in learning more about video photography at Visual Edge. The weeklong sessions and workshops, sponsored by The Poynter Institute and the National Press Photographers Association, concentrates on how convergence impacts print, electronic media, and video. I think many of these tips apply to stills as well – enjoy!

“Prove the commitment of your story pictures”
“Shoot what is going away first.”
“A sequence from every location”
“Don’t leave without a closing shot”
“The worst place for the camera is on your shoulder.”
“Shoot & Move”
“Show something the eye wouldn’t normally see.”
“The eye does not zoom.”
“Action — reaction, motion — emotion.”
“Look around the frame.” (For distracting objects, tripod etc.)
“Close-ups are the adjectives.”
“Think inside your viewfinder.”
“Get close.”
“If your lens doesn’t need cleaning at the end of a shoot, you didn’t get close enough.”
“Shoot with both eyes open.”
“Do a 360 of the scene”
“A tight shot can get you anywhere”
“It’s easier to bring a extra battery and tape than walk back to the car”
“Don’t shoot close-ups from across the room.”
“Shoot at the subject’s level.”
“”Be ready for the moment”
“Tripods aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.”
“Sometimes your best shots happen in the viewfinder by accident.”

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