Photo Challenges Tuesday: Flowers & Ski Racing! :)

Sweet Shot Tuesday: 

This morning I took this photo of the white roses I bought as a treat for myself.  I love flowers in the dining room – there is a sense of strength they give.  Each color rose has a meaning — I love this post from Hugs & Kisses. shows all the meanings for the different colors.

 White roses have several meanings: 
 “You’re heavenly,” reverence and humility, innocence and purity, 
“I’m worthy of you,” and secrecy and silence. 

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Trendy Treehouse: Shutter Love Tuesdays 
Action photography I can truly say is my specialty.  Once you understand the sport and the games you can get the right kind of action at the right time for the prime photo.  Ski racing has helped me get in tune to what is the best photo that someone would want to buy.  It is with such pride that I watch these children on the race course in the winter.  I have a lot of other sports photos – water skiing and soccer and some baseball ones that I love, but the ski racing photos I think are my best!   I know these photos will cool you down on these hot summer days…..  we think about skiing all the time in our house, so here ya go!

Hope you like this one for this week’s sports theme on Trendy Treehouse
This J3 boy is from the Killington Mountain School at the top of the race course this past March 2010  – I love the blue sky background and the focused look on his face.  I have so many great ski photos, this one may not be the best, but the Bermuda Open photos each year are just always the greatest and this is a good one to share.
And just one more from that same album as it shows this excitement of the dual ski race.  
Here is a link to the video I created with all my favorites highlighting the J5’s from their 2009-10 season.
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