Perfecting my margarita concocting skils…

My PERFECT margarita recipe

3 shots tequilla (Cuervo Gold is current TEQUILLA of choice)
2 shots Jose marg mix
1 shot Rose’s lime juice
1 1/2 shots Orange (Grand Marnier if it fits the budget)
ice and blend to taste
slice of LIME

(usually needs a little more tequilla – depending on the taster… and my taster loves tequilla)

I have spent many years in the restaurant world dating back to my Killington days in the late 80’s to mid nineties…. Then to be labeled the “margarita meister” – i got even the heavy weights singing! Now in my forties, needing to have the perfect taste, not to get the buzz, but the feeling and smoothness of a great drink as the margarita – – this is my recipe above after more than 2 months of testing here in Massachusetts. Do you believe it? I have been here 2 months. Life is good. Drink on and be merry!

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