“Nanny Goat”

My dad nicknamed me “nanny goat” when I was a little girl. Not sure why except because of my love for animals and the “nanny” in my name… Laura was “Miss Susie Sunshine” which totally fits her happy, bubbly personality – I guess I was more like the “goat”, tough and in the mountains….. so now I think back to how my love of mountains began as a child.. it has to do with my dad! He loved the outdoors, loved to hike, to work the land and to enjoy all of those around him when we played outside! I miss my dad and as we work the land this weekend I think of him often and how the hard work just made him happy to accomplish something, to build something and be proud because it was from the fruits of his labor.

This is some more detail of the mountain goat series that I thought was interesting to post.

Be a “Mountain Goat” a “Granite Runner” and win a pass to the Mt. Washington lottery.
Pack Monadnock is part of the 2008 LaSportiva USATF New England Mountain Running Circuit. The circuit consists of six races, with runners’ points scored from their best five races. Races include:

Wachusett Mt.
Pack Monadnock
Northfield Mt.
Cranmore Mt.
Loon Mt.
and Mount Ascutney

This year will be the 13th annual series promoting competition in New England Mountain Running and encouraging the running community “to support the sport” by becoming a USATF member. If you run all the races you earn the title “Mountain Goat” and get to bypass the lottery for Mt. Washington.

There is a new twist this year – the race is also part of the New Hampshire Grand Prix a series of 7 New Hampshire Races. Any runner who completes the series earns the moniker “Granite Runner”. Potentially a runner at Pack Monadnock could be scoring in two race series at the same time.

I LOVE the elevation gain graph of all the mountains that I am planning to run in this series. Very cool.
Note on the graph – Loon and Ascutney VERY steep grade – but short. Cranmore is up and down the mountain twice. Monadnock is a 10 mile gradual uphill. Looking forward to the races!

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