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Looking through Lance’s quotes —- I began thinking I should come up with my own….

I went for my trail run today and hit my head.  I thought I should write down some of my thoughts and put them in quote form.  Funny how a knock on the head makes you think….   It was a great exercise once I got into it and came up with six great quotes.  

 Always remember to keep your eyes forward, lift your feet up, and duck when you have to….. 
and if you fall… roll with it, stand up and do all you can to keep going, 
because no one is in a better place to help YOU than YOU. 
 – Nancy Cook – on trail running, cancer survivorship and life
 You can believe it that strength & beauty come from within — 
just imagine yourself completely bald, with heartburn, throwing up 
and thanking God for yet another glorious day of life. 
 – Nancy Cook – on cancer survivorship
Get up in the morning, check the state of your body, choose your attitude, 
put one foot in front of the other and get it done – live life each and every day.  
Nancy Cook – on running, cancer survivorship, and life
 If you can do it, do it,  If you think you can’t, you won’t.  
Be strong, set your plan, make the commitment,
because only you have the power to meet your goals 
whatever they may be. 
– Nancy Cook on running, cancer survivorship and life
 No one can hold you back from doing all that you want to do.  
Just keep your goals in sight, listen to your body, and take one day at a time.  
Some days will be better than others — but every day is blessing,
so make each day the best it can be.
– Nancy Cook on running, cancer survivorship and life
When and if you do get lost, find your center, 
look around and find the highest point, keep it in sight, reach for it each day,  
and don’t forget to breathe.  
You will find your way when you have faith.
– Nancy Cook on running, life and cancer survivorship
Trail running is like any obstacle in life- 
you need intense focus and extra push to jump over the rocks, sticks, 
and get through the mud to beat it.  
– Nancy Cook – on trail running, cancer survivorship and life
I hope you like these as much as I do — Please leave a comment if you stop by.  Here is the photo of the day!  My Mom & sister Laura came to visit from Northern Vermont and they got to see me ski!  It was a glorious day.  I love my life.  🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

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