My knee – 6 months post op update

…tough not to get depressed in the rehab process, so know that it will be ok and you will be able to do it again. My rehab has been slow, so the doctor thinks, but my friend who is a nurse and a pro athlete says I am ahead, so who knows….. I am riding, finally 2 weeks ago I did the loop around Lake Sunapee (26 miles) and I did the Prouty this past weekend. I feel great. I was walking pretty quick too and try to run/walk for the last 2 months, but it still is pretty weak, stiff and feels “odd”, so I take it easy. The longest I have run is 2 miles – all on dirt road. My doctor would rather I don’t run, so I know I am pushing the envelope there, but it is my passion the past few years (running marathons and all…). Oh well. Riding the bike has been great lately, the hills around here are hard and I have a tough time staying in the saddle, so I stand up quite a bit on the hills…. I am getting addicted to it and actually have ridden 5 days in a row (including 25 at the Prouty – took me 1 hour 20 minutes to do the 25!! – felt like I could do 50!!). So, that is good! Whew! It has been SO long being laid up and stiff. The doc said he will fit me to a brace in the fall and I will ski next year. I think now (almost at 6 mos post op) I am not walking with a limp unless I have been at my desk all day and didn’t stretch. Between the miscarriage and not being able to exercise, I put on a little weight, but am getting back down there and feeling good! It is great to have friends that motivate me to ride and care about me every day….
Happy now that summer is here and the new deck keeps calling me! Back to work now…


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