My Favorite \”Vermont\” Things Giveaway 2015

Here it is …. back by popular demand!  My Favorite \”Vermont\” Things Giveaway 2015!


Growing up in Vermont on a dairy farm in Georgia, Vermont was an amazing childhood.


I love my dairy farm roots — learning that hard work pays off, loving animals is part of nurturing the gifts God gave us. Supporting the family farms of Vermont and New York is supporting my family of farmers and I love them all. So proud of my roots that my Dad and Mom brought me up in to always be strong, help out when you are needed and love the animals…. all of them, when they are sick, needing a bed, wanting for grain and all they give back to us in the milk, cheese, ice cream is just the beginning of this sustainable life

Every year I go to the Relay For Life Nordic Style in Stowe Vermont.  I have been on Hilary\’s team of Monkton Girls Gone Wild for 2 years and now have decided to branch out and invite my friends, family and snow pros to be a part of this incredible event.

This is my fun-raiser that shares my favorite things made in Vermont.  Last year I drew 3 names and made packages to ship and give away.  Take a chance to taste a little Vermont and I will ship it right to you!

The Relay is in Stowe, Vermont at the Trapp Family Lodge. So what better idea in honor of the Von Trapp Family singers and my favorite tune from that musical “My Favorite Things”!   So excited that I am on my way to my goal of $500! For every $20 donation I will put your name in the hat to win this giveaway of my favorite Vermont things!  The drawing will be held on Sunday morning – March 22rd  at the Trapp Family Lodge. 🙂

Feeling lucky, want to fight cancer and be generous at the same time?

Link away and donate today !

Thank you for your support!


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