My Boston Marathon 2013

Picking up my bib

It is with mixed emotions I write and share my experience at the Boston Marathon on Monday. I was so happy with my result and the way that I was able to test my body through the miles. Hyperextending my knee in February was devastating to my running, my knee was unstable and I ran a 10 and 8 miler were my longest runs before Monday. Thoughts of not doing this race crossed my mind, but decided with all my past experience and training for NYC in the fall, I think I can do it! My weight suffered from lack of training and pizza diet at the mountain. πŸ™‚ So with those 2 things against me I really didn’t set my sights high.
Before the race my husband/coach/love reminded me how strong I am and not to sell my self “short” — I am probably stronger than I think. πŸ™‚

Chris, Emily, Jojo & I – SF Ambassadors unite!

The Expo:
The expo was a blast as usual. The running community is so small when you can go to a race of this magnitude and see friends on every corner and meet new ones all around! I bought my “WEAR WITH PRIDE” jacket, tights, shorts & more… I always spend too much! But i love this stuff!

I got to see friends that were San Francisco Ambassadors with me — and then caught Jill before she had to get back to rest!  Her energy just lights up the room — I miss her so much and wish we lived closer to each other! Such a ball of fire and always with her sights high and positive force all around her!

Jill & I at the Expo

Morning cereal, banana and a ride to Hopkinton from home (a first for me as we usually stay in town, but opted to stay home this year). We had to turn around 3 times as I forgot things (including my Garmin – NYCM deja vu) and really stressed me out thinking they would close the roads. But we arrived with plenty of time. I was alone this year at the bus (no Dream Team) – but they were all there in spirit and I found them one by one. I raised more than $4000 for DNation and was so happy. I put my website up on Sunday and within 2 hours raised more than $200! Amazing the people that are so incredibly supportive year after year. As a cancer survivor I run for a cause, a purpose, to show people that as a survivor I can kick hard! And I run in the memory and honor of those that fought and continue to fight this disease I work for every day! In the words of Kristin McQueen — SUCK it CANCER!

My gear for Boston 2013

The Gear: 
Shoes: Adizero
Shorts: Lululemon (LOVE their cheer stations – all 3 or more – along the route!)
Socks: CEP compression (just awesome!)
WW sleeves from InkNBurn– forgot to wear (so sad)
Singlet: DetermiNation — Let’s keep dreaming and fighting for a cancer free world!
Link here to see my fundraising page! 

Getting on the bus!

Rode the bus, went to Athlete’s Village – brought my phone – took photos of all the great people there! The long lines of porta potties and the “It all starts here” sign. Charlie and Jacques were at the scoreboard and I got to hang out with Jacques before the race. She is former Miss Montana and just the sweetest thing. Some of you may meet her at a marathon, she usually paces them and is a Marathon Maniac. πŸ™‚ It was awesome to have someone and not be alone in the village. Just have to mention a best practice when all the TP was gone at the Potties— we saw someone that brought their own ROLL of TP. How ingenious! πŸ™‚

The Marathon:
We headed to the start in a flury — it always seems to take longer to get there after you have been hanging out for a couple hours. I wore my garbage bag to the start, but it was really pretty nice out already. Forgot my arm warmers…. darn! πŸ™

Got to our coral and headed to the start line! Seemed like there were more cheering people than normal, the streets were filled — only one spot near Framingham did I notice the streets being clear. Truly feeling like a rockstar and loving talking to the runners as we run to Boston. I just LOVE this marathon! πŸ™‚ I love the energy of the people of Boston and towns along the route!

My early miles were fast!  I kept looking at my watch — I was running 7:30s, 7:45s, and feeling no pain! Yay! I was on my way!

Samantha & Andrew

My number one fan — my sweet husband was there in Framingham and Newton and at the finish. Samantha, my amazing step daughter Samantha & her friend Andrew were  there with him too! I saw my friend Lana and heard my name yelled a few other times.
Captain America and his girl side kick in the satin dress got cheers along the way — I passed by and got to cheer on Team Hoyt. They are so inspirational!

I hit the port-a-potties twice (always takes time and you have to run fast to get your pace back up there!)
Stopped at the medical tents twice when my quads started to cramp — but there was nothing they could do. So the slower pace at the end may be due to that.
My legs from lack of training definitely felt the pounding of those early hills and I paid for it later.
My fuel plan is taking GU every 4 miles and it works!
I drink every water stop even it if it is to wet my mouth. No gatorade until the last 2 miles. I take the PowerGel and used one.

It hurt to push those last miles starring at that Citgo sign — but rounding that corner and hearing the cheers of the crowd was just SO amazing!

Me – Charlie – Jacque at Athletes Village

My Splits:
My Boston Marathon by NancyE at Garmin Connect – Details

Time: 3:40:35.8
Distance: 26.48
Avg Pace  8:20
1 7:29.8 1.00 7:30
2 7:23.5 1.00 7:23
3 7:23.3 1.00 7:23
4 7:26.4 1.00 7:26
5 7:36.4 1.00 7:36
6 7:36.2 1.00 7:36
7 7:47.3 1.00 7:47
8 7:55.7 1.00 7:56
9 7:53.9 1.00 7:54
10 7:57.1 1.00 7:57
11 8:09.9 1.00 8:10
12 7:56.4 1.00 7:56
13 8:55.8 1.00 8:56
14 8:08.2 1.00 8:08

My finish time! 

15 8:26.2 1.00 8:26
16 8:13.3 1.00 8:13
17 8:46.7 1.00 8:47
18 8:54.1 1.00 8:54
19 8:30.4 1.00 8:30
20 9:00.9 1.00 9:01
21 9:56.3 1.00 9:56
22 8:41.8 1.00 8:42
23 8:59.1 1.00 8:59
24 9:01.0 1.00 9:01
25 9:05.2 1.00 9:05
26 9:13.6 1.00 9:14
27 4:07.2 0.48 8:31

Finish elation!

We saw Charlie, his mom Marilyn, sis Lily and girlfriend Chelsea at the finish — Jacques was there too! they both PR’d and were beaming! I was so thrilled with my time and my husband was so proud too. They left for the airport and we found Jill. She had lost her friend and was waiting for her other friend. So happy to see her — we called Patrick and thought we may go to Cheers and join his group….

My true love <3

Then it happened — we heard the bombs blow – BOOM! BOOM! 2 in a row! Yikes! We were at the buses about 4 blocks away and saw glass coming out of the windows! The flury of people moving people out of the way, emergency vehicles and cops running down the street was all around us. We stood there and watched. Andrew (Samantha’s friend) had his phone and looked to see someone posted what the surroundings up the street looked like. It was all very scary. The cops were working really hard to get people out of the area so we went to our car and it was 5 flights (which took me a LONG time– ouch!)

Charlie & I at the finish! Medals shining!

Once in the car on our way out of town my phone was going crazy with text messages from all my friends. The phones didn’t work and oddly enough twisted the lines and Steve was getting calls from people that he didn’t know looking for family. We texted people back that we were ok — kept in touch with Samantha, who had wandered back to the location to see what happened. So scared — we wanted her out of there. We made it to Legal to have post race dinner before leaving the area and it wasn’t until then that we saw the extent of the horrible bombing, the deaths, the blood and missing limbs, pure mayhem of the whole thing…. ugh… it makes me so sick inside to write this, but it is so hard to share what you are feeling.

Our view of the bombing from the buses 4 blocks away

I think I posted a photo of us at the finish while we were there so people knew I was ok. It all seems to be a blurr now. Steve posted this on his Facebook wall when everyone was looking for us. I am so thankful we were in the “wrong place at the right time or we may easily have been in that spot”

Hi everyone, We are all fine. It’s a big shock and we were a few blocks away when they went off. We are now out of Boston having dinner and watching all the news. There is no reliable cell service in Boston, so texting is best. Thanks for all the texts. It’s been a bit crazy but my wife did awesome with a bad knee and she will still be able to ski on vacation! Our thoughts and prayers are for those on the sidelines where I often stand. I’m lucky Nancy was fast today or I might have been in that exact spot. – Steve

It is so devastating to read about the aftermath of that day — just 2 days ago now… the 3 deaths, the terror, blood, loss of limbs and more. The heroes of the day, finish tent volunteers, runners, medical professionals, Boston Police & Fire & more… There are so many articles and posts that have been healing for so many — here are a couple of posts that I really like:
Heroes of Boston
Amby Burfoot – So Close Yet So Far

Charlie’s Boston view the next morning

I am so Proud to be a part of this caring running community –So many of those runners out there at that time were charity runners still waiting to finish. I ran in my DetermiNation singlet — raising more than $4000 in this marathon to fight cancer. I have met so many caring, amazing runners with that same passion. It was a sad chain of events. But today we stand together against hate. I Iove this post from Charlie below.

The view from Charlie Johnston morning’s run through the streets of Boston serving as an affirmation that hate, cowardice, and terror, while frightening and infuriating, will never defeat the love, courage, and indomitable spirit that flows through the entire running community of which I am so proudly a part. Today, we recover. Today, we stand together against hate. Today, we are all Bostonians

Thank you to my own Belchertown, MA community that came out last night to pay tribute to those affected by the bombings. More than 40 showed up at CHCS to walk and run and share a moment of silence. I am so fortunate to have so many friends that care so much to check on me, checking my page today for my links makes me realize just how many were keeping an eye on me and truly worried. I got one text asking me if I had nine lives! πŸ™‚ As a cancer survivor each marathon I run means so much more to me in fighting this disease — those crossing the line at that time of 4:09 and later — many of them were charity runners, running for causes that make such a difference!

Even though we are still looking for answers — we stay united to remember.

Here are My final results of which I am very proud: 
It is a sad day for the City of Boston, for the running community, and for all those who were here to enjoy the 117th running of the Boston Marathon. What was intended to be a day of joy and celebration quickly became a day in which running a marathon was of little importance.

Boston is strong. Boston is resilient. Boston is our home. And Boston has made us enormously proud in the past 24 hours. The Boston Marathon is a deeply held tradition – an integral part of the fabric and history of our community. We are committed to continuing that tradition with the running of the 118th Boston Marathon in 2014.

 And yes — this was a BQ for me — so I definitely will be running in 2014!

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