My baby is growing up!

Chocoate Face at Mount Snow
Ski Racing at Willard Mtn in NY
 Wolf Cub Scout – Pack 57 – Den 1
Playing baseball in the spring 2009
Summary of Schuyler (February 2010)
He’s a great skier and soccer player

He is good at baseball and basketball

He does not drink soda

He reads quite well, just does not have inflection in his voice.

He’s quite sharp, has quite the wit, and has a growing vocabulary

He goes hiking and snow shoeing in New Hampshire

He’s a very good artist and is great at conceptual crafts

He cooks and feeds Oakley on occaision

He’s a good Scout and has been awarded many belt loops and a few pins!

He obeys and listens well

He is respectful of other people and socially is doing very well
His grades at school are exeeptional and we are so very proud…..

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