My 15th ACS Anniversary – Notes from Colleagues

Comments and Notes from Colleagues, Volunteers & Friends:

Well, Happy Anniversary tomorrow, my friend! I just read your blog post and it sure brought back memories. You have done so much and gone so far (literally and figuratively) in these 15 years and I am soooo proud of having the good judgement to have hired you. Enjoy the ride, they always say, and it is great to see you are doing just that.
Peg Camp, Chief Operating Officer, American Cancer Society, New England Division
You should be very proud of your accomplishments and impact in the ACS …. I can still remember our first conversation in Denver many years ago .. you’ve come a long way !! Congratulations !!
Reuel E. Johnson – National Vice President, Relay For Life

Congratulations on this tremendous milestone! You have served the American Cancer Society well through your passion, enthusiasm, compassion and leadership over the years. Thank you for all of your great work!
Jim Hammelev, National Director, Workplace Mission Support Initiatives

Congratularions Nancy! What a great career! I will get to be with one of our great friends and reasons for doing what we do…MB…tomorrow in Dallas at AA! I know she holds a top spot in your heart (and in so many!) Again, congratulations and thank you for all you do!
Shawn Coltharp, Nationwide Director, Employer Initiatives

Congratulations on your career with ACS – 15 more years to go!
Jeanne Startzell, VP Corporate Relations, High Plains Division

Funny tomorrow is my 17th anniversary with ACS! Here’s to us!!
Judy Reichling, National Data Director, RFL BU
Congratulations! It has been a true pleasure working with you the last five years. I look forward to working with you for many more years. You are a true inspiration, not only because of your athletic feats, but with all that you do for ACS, RFL and the NCTP.
Ruben Flores, JBS, National ACS NCTP Volunteer Leader
Hi Nancy,,,,I am in China….they have some internet issues….so I can only reply here.  Congratulations on your years with ACS!   Your involvement has enriched my life in the same way it has enriched yours!   Thanks for all you do!   Dr, BOB
Robert Brodell,MD – National ACS volunteer and Relay Hall of Fame Inductee

Congratulations Nancy on your anniversary!
Kristina McWilliams
National Director, RFL Special Programs
You Go Girl!! : ) Take care,
Liz Shuler
Administrative Specialist, RFL Business Unit
Thank you so much for taking the time to participate in the Employee Spotlight! Your story is very inspiring!
Shannon Overton, Internal Communications Specialist, NHO

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Nancy Peck Cook is a trainer and speaker who has presented in front of large and small audiences for the past 25 years.  Her work as an executive and volunteer trainer for the American Cancer Society during the growth of the signature activity Relay For Life trained professionals to be more confident and successful in their roles. 

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