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I love mountain running and am excited to be running in my 8th Mt Washington Road Race on June 18! Here are some mountain running tips from my recent training at Mt Tom past the B17 memorial.
Dawn and Nancy at the top of Mt Tom in Massachusetts
USATF National Mountain Running Champs at Waterville Valley group of Women Mountain runners with Nancy

This year will be my 8th time running the Mt Washington Road Race 2014 to 2021! My personal record is a 1 hour, 35 minute and 54 second finish.  When placing top 3 or if our team places we are able to continue with a slot for this popular and grueling uphill race to to the top of Mt Washington!  The first time I ran Mt Washington, I completed the entire “Mountain Goat Series” from USATF to earn my slot, but for the years after I have thankfully continued to earn a spot. The best part about running races with our team the Western Mass Distance Project is the friends, the team mates and the people you meet at the races!  The photo above was taken at the USATF National Mountain Running Champs in 2019 with some of my favorite “Mountain Goats”.

Training for mountain races, it is very important to be specific with incline training at the same percent grade as much as possible. Hill sprints are good, but the longer you can make that hill the better.  In my gym I have a incline trainer from Nordic Track that I purchased specifically for mountain race training.

My Western Mass Teammate Dawn and I recently met up at Mt Tom to do some mountain running. The grade is steep in this are so it is perfect mountain training!   The paved path runs past the B17 Memorial.

A typical mountain training workout:

1. Warmup: 15 minutes (flat downhill terrain)

2. Strides to B17 sign from main street (3 miles) steady uphill grade

3. Mountain run to the top – Run 3 minute up / 1 minute down is a rest.  If you can’t run the whole time frame – walk 10 steps Run 30 steps

3 sets: 3/2/1 – 3 minutes uphill (1 minute rest) 2 minutes (1 minute rest) 1 minute (3 minutes rest)

4. Cool Down: downhill jog back to the car

Total: 7.5 miles

Check out the fun video I posted showing the amazing view from the top of Mt Tom!  Photo below: Top of Mt Washington after the finish with Maverick and baby Muzzy.

If you are interested in mountain running training, or training in various sports send me a note for a quick consultation.  I would love to work with you! 

Nancy after finishing the Mt Washington Road Race with dog Maverick and puppy Muzzy

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Dawn and Nancy at the top of Mt Tom in Massachusetts
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