Mt Toby Trail Run – WMAC Grand Tree Series #15

Today was the Mt Toby Trail Run.  Last year I remember tripping in the fourth mile and running the remaining of the race injured.  This year with all that is happening to me, I was advised not to run, but to just rest and drink water.  I looked for an alternate race for Saturday and found nothing, actually nothing for Sunday either that was close and at least a 10K.  So I stuck with my plan and promised to drink EXTRA water.  🙂

My results from 2009:  2nd woman, 1st in age (although they don’t do age group awards — I got a great gift certificate from the giveaways!).

This year I felt great at the start and pushed the hills, thinking of my quotes that I have been working on and actually came up with something I will share later.  I found myself chanting it for energy and push.  I had a couple bobble, tripping on a root and then a rock — pulling what I call a “Superman” with arms outstretched – to catch my balance.  Feeling lucky I continued to fly down the hill, loving my “Cinderella Slippers” – my Inov8 Lite trail racing flats!  I found myself in first place at one point and didn’t know it 🙂 — the girl stopped to go pee and then caught me, passed me again.  Then the second girl passed me near the top of the hill (blonde – she ended up winning) — both these girls were so nice.  It is great to have quick chats with people as you race (at least for me!)  🙂  We made it to the top — touched the fence and turned around.  It was fun to watch the lead runners fly down the trail.  I began to fatigue near the end, a little off focus and tripped, slammed my right side of my body.  Man it hurt!  I was bloody on the knee and the fore arm — got up and kept telling myself – YOU ARE FINE!  Less than 2 miles to go — suck it up.  The finish felt great in the downpouring rain…..  and so glad to have accomplished this race.  The BBQ at the end was as great as last year.  The race director is a die hard MTN runner and has such a happy attitude and so encouraging.  So we had a burger, beans and rice and some local sweet corn.  🙂  Yum.

My results:
33rd overall
4th woman
1st in 40-49 age group

At the start

 Ready set go!

 Down the hill (you can tell it is a rainy day)

 My results — no machine timers and chips here!

First place girl from Boston — just moved to Sunderland!

 Me headed to the finish — bloody legs and all!

 My sweetheart with me at the finish —  xoxo

 My Cinderella Slippers!

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