Mother’s Day Weekend

I have to share this note I sent to my cousin Deb who is turning 40 tomorrow…. just because it shares where I am right now. I will blog about my victory in the Big Lake Half later, but here is my note to Deb:

Enjoy your big day…. being 40 is great…. I remember that year very well (which mind you is only 2 years ago). I celebrated the whole year and was VERY proud to be 40. Every restaurant I went to, I made them bring me cake or my favorite dessert with a candle and sing to me – it was hilarious (and I went to very cool places… like Mario Batali’s BABBO and Emerrils place in Atanta. Look it in the eye – enjoy it, life only gets better when you get older. You know yourself better, you know your body better, you appreciate those around you more and are AWARE of everything. I have only gotten faster in my 40’s and I look back to my 20’s and 30’s and wonder why now I am so fast… and I think it is because I am happy with me, I am light on my feet, light in my mind, without a million things dragging me down, wondering where I should be going in life – I have a plan (even in my current state of craziness – I still have a plan).

…. “And at 40 you know it all. Or at least have the desire to continue to learn.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all mom’s – it was a great day for me with Schuyler. We played, we cleaned, and we made mom’s day cookies of hearts, squirrels, moose, wishing stars, bears and numbers. Schuyler woke up and proclaimed he would do anything for me and then after I asked brushed his teeth, got dressed all by himself and vacuumed too! What a great boy! I am so proud to be his mom. And then we took photos of us and with Oakley too – – see below:

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