More Timberman photos!

Cycling focus, eyes forward, pushing, remembering spin class, scraping the ground with the bottom of my shoes, standing up on the hills to push and to stretch my legs and back out, looking at the average speed and the miles rode just to keep it in perspective. Looking to the next pony tail, looking at the age on the calf muscle (do you believe they write your age on your leg – you have to be proud of your age in this sport!)… Bantering with a few riders, just to leave them behind (that felt really good).. even if not far behind me, still they were behind me (feeling a little competitive as usual).

Running focus: One foot in front of the other to start, shake off those biking legs… build up the turnover of my legs to go faster… think about pace, need to go faster, (no watch on this one to keep it together and motivate, that ALWAYS helps – getting my new watch from nike this week!). GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR! GET MOVING! cheers from my true love, my support, and always there (look to the sky for strength from above – he helps too) DIG DEEP – GET STRONG – (NO negative thoughts – keep positive). Even when your feet are screaming and your back has had it, you MUST think of something else. Talk to people, spectators, runners, ANYONE WHO WILL LISTEN (ha ha ha …). Those who know me, know i LOVE to talk. Even when it is a one way conversation, which in this sport is the norm.

Think FINISH LINE – – look at the mile markers tick on by. Can’t wait for that ice cream and beer which is promised free at the finish (gotta love that!). Treat yourself to a quick dip in the water, ice cream and beer. : )

Then it is here – turn the corner, kick it in! Sprint to the finish – that is where the mobs are – and you have to love the cheers of the people when you smile and run hard at the finish. Very fun – very cool!

And what a race it was……

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