Mom\’s Ginger Lemon Ice Tea


This morning I went to one of my favorite coffee shops in the area,  the Woodstar Cafe in Northampton and ordered the Ginger Honey Lemon Ice Tea and it reminded me to ask my Mom for her recipe for the ice tea they brought to our summer family party in Stowe. It was so yummy and it is a great base to keep in the fridge and make when ever you want! Try it — so yummy!

Simply fill a large sauce pan to an inch from the top. Add 1 cup of Stevia or Splenda. Put in 5 walnut sized pieces of ginger and simmer for a long time (30 minutes). After ten minutes, I slice the ginger in three pieces so there is more surface to be flavored. Let it simmer until it goes down about an inch. Near the end of the simmering add 4 slices of a lemon for additional flavor.

Put it in a storage jar and mix it according to your tastes by adding water and ice cubes.


What\’s your favorite summer drink? Please share in the comment field below.




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