Mellow Yellow Monday: Daffodils, aka Lent Lily – First flower of spring

Each spring it the Daffodil campaign that has brought in more than $3 million each year to the New England Division of the American Cancer Society.  When I was a field rep I recruited Daffodil Chairs in each county, helped to train and then work to get pre-sales and set up sites to sell onsite at grocery stores, malls and other locations as a part of the overall campaign.  We waited while the trucks came from Oregon to deliver pallets of the flowers and then delivered them to the sales and the on site locations.  It was quite the fundraiser and has been a part of the Society’s event lists for so many years. 
I love daffodils, I have a beautiful throw and a stain glass daffodil in my window.  
Hope you like my daffodil flowers featured here for Mellow Yellow Monday.  🙂

And here is a shot of my stained glass daffodil — just to share!  😉

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