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I was recently asked to appear on Channel 22 Mass Appeal, a daytime show that highlights human interest stories and events.  We were promoting Relay For Life upcoming events for Hampshire County and Quabog Region.  I met Madelyn, who is the co-chair of the Northampton event in the waiting area.  It was pretty interesting meeting the highlighted events, promotions and watching the 3 stages set up as the cameras moved from one area to the other while the co-hosts bounced between stages.

Seth Stutman was our host that would be interviewing us and Ashley was the other host that was doing other pieces.  They were a cute pair — funny, energetic and happy!  🙂  Seth was hilarious and had a great sense of humor.  We played right along.  Soon it was our time to get in the couches and miked up near the end of the show.  Below I share the link / imbed the video for you to see.  I think it went well, and I look pretty good (my hair is getting longer – yay!)  Check it out!

Relay for Life in Western Mass:

A photo from the set where they were showing recipes raising money for Girl Scouts “Fork it Over”

 A great photo of Madelyn and I at the station 🙂

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Nancy Peck Cook is a trainer and speaker who has presented in front of large and small audiences for the past 25 years.  Her work as an executive and volunteer trainer for the American Cancer Society during the growth of the signature activity Relay For Life trained professionals to be more confident and successful in their roles. 

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