Marking the Miles to Boston – 3 days to go!

Through my efforts to raise money in the fight against cancer through ACS DetermiNation I have reached $1400!  As I prepare for the race these last days, I want to thank all my donors to all 3 of my marathons this year including Marine Corps Marathon in November and VT City last May.  I have raised more than $4000 this year and am so proud and thankful for all the support of my friends and family and colleagues that have generously donated to my efforts.
The course to Boston is posted in the images and this link will take you to this cool site I found where you can get the detail on each mile. 

I am running each mile in memory or in honor of someone designated by my supporters and as I run it is through the strength and spirit of those people that will carry me to the finish line.  I will update this as I get responses

Mile 1 – In honor – Mary Beth Redell from American Airlines

Mile 2 – In honor – Crissy  (Sasha’s “Sister”)

Mile 3 – Agnes Fisk – (our neighbor in Jericho & good friend of my mom)

Mile 4 – In memory of Sharon (Louise & Robin’s sister)

Mile 5 – In memory – Vickie Williams (sister of Toni Williams)

Mile 6 – In memory – Patrick

Mile 7 – In memory – Diana Love (the most amazing Sullivan Cty NH volunteer)

Mile 8 – In memory of Marie & Stub

Mile 9 – In memory of Virginia Nonnenmacher (my stepfather’s sister)

Mile 10 – In memory – Michelle Courchesne (Mike & Adam’s sister)

Mile 11 – In memory – Tia Lydia & Naunie (Starkey Family)

Mile 12 -In memory – Tara Tamasi (friend of Sharon Raymond)

Mile 13 – In honor – Dick & Phylecia Wilson

Mile 14 – In honor – Kevin Brunk – GO TEAM 25K!

Mile 15 – In honor – Carina Thorrsen (Gray Ghost Inn)

Mile 16 – In honor – Nathan McCusker

Mile 17 – In honor – Jan Fischer (Judy’s sister in law fighting breast, liver & bone cancer)

Mile 18 – In honor – Susan Silodor (my dear friend who now lives in Portland OR)

Mile 19 – In memory – Sr. Bernadette Whitney (Frank Whitney’s sister)

Mile 20 – In memory – Bob Pemberton (Joyce’s husband)

Mile 21 – In honor – Bev Gross (WY Relay friend / staff / volunteer!)

Mile 22 – In honor – Don Distasio (EA CEO) ACS leadership!

Mile 23 – In memory – Angelo Maresca (Sue Ann’s dad)

Mile 24 – In memory – Kenneth P. Cook Sr. (Steve’s dad)

Mile 25 – In memory – John Tung (Betty’s dad)

Mile 26 – In memory – My dad – Louis Augustus Peck

.2 — ME!  Let the strength & love carry me to the finish!

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