Marathon Medals – “My collection of the journey”

Looking through all my stuff scattered around upstairs and in the basement to find my “collection of medals”. They were all over in different spots and of course I couldn’t find them all. : (

Noted missing was last year’s Boston and Atlanta – so the search continues. I had to take photos of the ones that I did find and Steve is going to make an oak display for them all once we get the pattern we like.

I really like the design of most of these medals, of course Boston having the most meaning, just because is is the “grand daddy” of them all… but Hartford and Providence are really nice and of course MICKEY from the Walt Disney Marathon in Orlando. The Marine Corps marathon medal looks like a coin… : ) and Chicago (both) are very nice with the anniversary medal ribbon “fancy schmancy” makes that one really special since it was the only marathon I ran that was eventually cancelled after I had finished!

More to come… wish me luck finding the others!

Marathons – 26.2 miles

Competed in 19 marathons including:
Chicago – (October 2007) -3:26
Boston (April 2007) – 3:05:59
Boston (April 2002) – 4:15 (6 months postpartum!)
Boston (April 1993)
Chicago (October 2006) – 3:14:38
Montreal, Canada (3:35)
Cape Cod, MA (3:45)
Hartford, CT – (3:40)
Disney Marathon, Orlando, FL (3:53)
Portland, ME- 2004 – (3:41)

VT City Marathon – 1993 (3:33), 1994 (3:27:14), 1999 (3:35)
Marine Corps Marathon, Washington DC – (3:50)
Providence, RI (4:05)

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