Manifesto (for a great relationship)

I made the trip to Meriden CT to Sue Ann’s wedding shower with her office friends this morning. I put together a kit to give as a gift and trying to incorporate some “rules to live by”. Then I had a great idea to incorporate this Manifesto from a super movie (Jack & Jill vs the world) that we watched the other day. See below my note to Sue Ann. I also thought this could be a great activity at a shower asking people to offer their own rules – or give someone one rule and you can give the guest of honor the Manifesto as part of the shower. I listed the presents that I wrapped and put in the package too! Each person could give a gift that relates to their “rule” too – many ways you can incorporate the idea. I thought it was very cool. Others loved it too.

September 4, 2008

To Sue Ann
Happy Shower! Happy Life!
You are the greatest that a friend could be and I am so happy to share in your time with friends at the shower here today… but more importantly to be able to support you at every chance that you may need me (whether you reach out or not)… remember I am here for you!

Steve & I watched this movie the other day and my original idea was to put together a marriage survival kit, but I thought this had a much better spin to it where the positive nature shines in each rule. I added my own rules and you & Jeremy can add your own too in sharing with Jeremy… Sharing, loving, & communication is key!

Manifesto( for a great relationship
(from the movie Jack & Jill vs the world)

Rule 1 Be Honest
Rule 2 Believe in Fairy Tales
Rule 3 Accept Time as our Friend
Rule 4 Make Sure the Nooky is Good
Rule 5 Promote Beauty. Wage a Sustained Campaign Against Ugliness
Rule 6 Abandon the Pursuit of Happiness & its False Promise
Rule 7 Show compassion, Except to Pirates
Rule 8 Less TV
Rule 9 Always be willing to admit when you are wrong

(My additions)
Rule 10 Have a sense of humor (Doghouse Dice)
Rule 11 Keep it Spicy! Change it up! (Hot Pepper Jelly)
Rule 12 Listen to the music that makes you wanna dance! (A home made CD of my fave dance music)
Rule 13 Remember It’s ok to drink cheap wine (GOOD cheap wine!) McManis (she turned me on to it so she totally loved it!)
Rule 14 Take a lot of photos, & keep a journal of your life – so you NEVER forget all the good times (little photo album with a photo of her and Jeremy)

Don’t forget to make up your own!
Smile on!
With love, your friend –

Nancy E. Cook

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