Macro Friday: Bumblebee

On my “photo walk” with Sasha this week I found myself chasing “critters” to see if I could get some goodies…  It takes luck and patience and a good eye, that is all I can say!  I was chasing this cardinal, the red was so beautiful, but then I downloaded, and NO luck.  🙁  I chased a chipmunk too —- I have one of those to share in the Scavenger Hunt on Friday that came out pretty good.  It was cute because Sasha would clue me into these critters and help me track them around the Episcopal Church in Northampton.  Fun!  🙂

So here is my Macro Friday entry.  I love these photos!  I think I caught this bumblebee busy at work and the yellow flower was just beautiful making a great shot!  Hope you agree!

Please leave a note if you stop by — I love that people are checking out my photos and love to link around and look at what others are doing too.  I have seen such fantastic photography and got some great ideas to try as I hone in on my photo taking skills!  This has been such great fun for me — re-energizing me in life and in this special hobby of mine.  🙂

Thanks for your “visit” — if you haven’t joined in on the fun – link below and check out my Photography Fun page for more challenges that I enjoy participating in!

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