The List – – one week until the Boston Marathon!

I remember Pre-Race Boston 2007 running into these 2 women from Kentucky & hanging out in the tent in the rain before the marathon in Hopkinton.  It was a crazy year for me — I borrowed her phone and called Steve to let him know I was ok and thinking about him…. the one that stuck with me was the “stuff” that they packed to be ready!  So I thought I would make my list prior and be ready!  🙂

Lay it all out – have it all ready – be prepared!
Day before list:
Layout clothes (shorts, shirt, jog bra, socks)
Nike Voomero Sneakers (powder)
Race chip for timing attach to sneakers
Body Glide
GU and Performance
Pin number to jersey
Warm up pants

Day of list:
GU & powerbar
Garbage bag – rain gear
Body Glide
Recovery drink
Xtra socks
Nike sneakers
Warm up clothes packed!

Links to building my performance:
Training Peaks – the daily email kept me on TRACK — even though I took every Saturday and Sunday off all winter! 
Hal Higdon – The man behind those emails.  His tips and training advice and program is the best for a marathon.  This is the 5th marathon I have run under his guise.  My virtual coach!
Itunes!  and if it is free its me!  I find amazing music on Itunes and love all my playlists…. 🙂

My husband / coach / partner / cheerleader / #1 fan  —- LOVE HIM!  🙂

US at the Marine Corps Marathon 2009!

Articles of motivation:
Boston State of Ready
Jon Gordon – Feed the Positive Dog

And more…..  
Twitter !   #bostonmarathon #ACSDetermiNation   — Yay!  Follow me @nanskimtn

One week to go and the anticipation is building as you hear from people everywhere getting ready, last training runs, hating the taper, eating up a storm, loving their vita mix, all just like me!  So excited!

Here’s a glimpse of my race resume to share, although it is in need of updating (Sept 2009) to inclue my first in age finish at the Marine Corps Marathon — >>- it gives me confidence — YES – – another Boston!  Ready to go!

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