Level 2 Success!

By Nancy Peck, Level 2 PSIA, Mt. Sunapee Learning Center, Newbury VT
February 10-11, 2007

Pico, Vermont was the location, the trails – Gold Rush and a variety of blue and green trails off the quad and triple. It was a pretty cold weekend for this event, reaching 10-15 on both days at its warmest. I met up with friend and fellow colleague from Mt. Sunapee – Alicia who was taking her part one skiing level 2. Her mom & dad were there to support her and by default supported me too! I was nervous from the start, taking the exam when I showed up at 8:05 am and then into the teaching module with Group C (later we deemed the c was for “crazy”).

5 lessons for Level 2 exam survival:
1. Leave your ego at the door – it is about the experience, learning and growing as a ski teacher for the love of the sport.
2. There is no room for competition here amongst the participants – everyone is a winner just for showing up. The more you can build the group dynamic and cohesiveness the better chance for success you have because of that additional support. The participants in our group really supported each other and had a LOT of fun!
3. Use your personality to give it life. Remember what you have learned from the reading and why you teach the progressions you do – – if you understand it and how it translates into PSIA-speak (ie: VAK and ATS) – while at the same time keeping the students safe (no matter HOW nervous you are…..) – – you will hit it home.
4. Trust your friends who are the “experts” for advice and guidance – whether it is your mother or father, your neighbor, your trainer on the hill – or all of the above. My friend & neighbor Steve McGrath was truly a light in my preparation and deserves thanks on this one!
5. Have FUN – because this is what we wish for our students – to enjoy the passion and the fun of skiing!

Cheers to my CRAZY group – – “Truck-driver” Dave, “Suit & tie – CFO” John, “Jumping” Jennifer the “music teacher” for their success with me this weekend. And Steve the “history teacher, sailing coach”- you may not have the green light this time, but you are at this level and will hit it home next time – – thank you for helping me along, I couldn’t have done this one without all your support during this process on the hill. – – This group is another one for the history books in my life! I will truly always remember singing Cecilia (Simon and Garfunkle) on the side of the trail waiting for George the examiner; we had TONs of FUN – every step of the way!

The examiners were the best of breed, Sue (yes – they ALL want to ski like a girl!), Ray (the father of PSIA-E), George (racer coach, guitar player who got us singing all morning), Steve Cook (thanks for the lesson- WE do love to ski!) – – AND of course Mr. Shostek (for giving up your weekend to be with us and keep us organized) – we appreciate all that you all do for PSIA and the spirit of our sport.

Until we meet again at level 3 – – or spring rally, or pro jam, or national academy – – thanks for the weekend!

“Team Leader” and self confessed the most “crazy one of all”
(New Hampshire’s Lange Girl)


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