June 2010 Photo Hunt Challenge

Here is another photo challenge – I may be late for June (depends if they accept it) – but I thought it would be fun to post on my blog none-the-less…. I will just be going into my June archives and see what I can find – and I am glad that I took a ton of photos in June!

Next photo hunt challenge is in August and I will be ready!  🙂
Thanks to my new blog friend / photographer I follow – Ashley –  for linking and sharing these fun ways to share photos and get to be a better photographer!

1. Hilarious Out-Takes
Cold Spring Rams
“Group Photo gone a wry!

2. Creative Crop
From Peckhaven Farm (where my dad grew up) in Saratoga NY

3. Sun Flare
Heron flying in the sun on the Connecticut River

4. Sweet Dreams
The middle Desjardin boy (boy scout from Pack 57) – asleep early morning at the Relay

5. Work
Peckhaven Farm – the workshop where ALL the tools are stored and organized….  Cousin David shows Steve the lift that helps to fix all vehicles on the farm.
6. Play
From the Year End Picnic Pack 57

7. Cookout/Picnic
From Aunt Milly’s Celebration of Life
Cousin Debbie’s little Erin
8. Transportation
Another favorite from the Peckhaven Farm
1940 John Deere

9. Money/Currency
Aunt Milly’s costume jewerly “better than money”

10. A Fountain
A water fall at Mad River Glen – the fountain of animals…..  and what a beautiful spot!  (archives from April 2010)

11. A Night Scene
Daniel & Schuyler in the camp at the Belchertown Relay – surrounded with glo sticks.

12. B&W with Selective Coloring
A Peckhaven Farm beauty

13. Something Old
Aunt Milly’s locket  – a picture of Uncle Bob inside

14. Something New
A new rank as Schuyler becomes a Bear at the Year End Pack 57 picnic
15. Something Borrowed
Kurt & Veronica in Kurt’s boss’s Stingray!
16. Something Blue
Schuyler is always in blue!  surrounded by color at the World Record Breaking Twister Game in Belchertown!
17. Something Musical
Can you hear everyone singing “Happy Birthday to Nancy…..  Happy Birthday to you!”
18. Something Purple
My dear friend Lynne & her mom before the survivors Lap at the Relay
19. Something Yellow
My favorite from Alex’s Lemonade Stand Fundraiser that raised $12K for Childhood Cancers

20. Something Scenic
Peckhaven Farm – from the front of the old farmhouse overlooking the meadows

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