J5 SVC Kombi Race at Stratton – VARA featured!

Taking the day off from Devo coaching to go to Schuyler’s second ski race at Stratton on Sunday was a true treat. We got our stuff together in the morning at the Lodge… Samantha and Schuyler went to breakfast for tea and pancakes (actually 2 helpings of pancakes – proclaiming – “they’re free?” – I’ll have more…. as Schuyler fueled himself for the day)! Steve and I packed the car and got the skis together and we trekked the 1/2 hour drive from Mount Snow over to Stratton. Once registered Schuyler suited up and headed out with the others. Afraid that he was too cold I offered his ski pants… no, not needed, but he did want a neck gator. I guess he knows better than his mom these days. After checking out the course the boys and girls all around 8-10 years old skied a few runs warming up and staying warm as the 74 registered girls and 70 registered boys from Bromley, Stratton, Willard, Magic and Mount Snow geared up with their coaches at the start at the top. Jay, Galen & Samantha with Steve were our coaches talking to the kids getting their minds and bodies warmed up to hit the course as fast as they could… I found my way to a spot mid course on the first run for some great photos of all the kids and got to chat with Dani’s mom as she had volunteered to gate keep for the day (they were short of volunteers). The things we do for our children…. My feet got a little sore, but I was dressed warm enough. Taking a break for lunch – hanging out with Steve & Schuyler – eating fries and hot chocolate as the Vinnick boys brought over some cupcakes to share, it was a fast and furious mid day rest… The second run I focused on the MSSC kids and again from the top got some amazing shots!

Here is a link to the VARA sight with the photos – including my favorite of Schuyler!
Here is a link to my smug mug site with the Faves of the MSSC J5 kids

Will came in 2nd and Hannah came in 10th – a great showing for MSSC and the beginning of a great future for the race program too! Looking forward to seeing these kids in the gates again soon! Great job by all!

Results from the VARA site
Here is how the girls placed in the group – – 52 finishers (2 DNF)
10. Hannah
15. Natalia
16. Emily
17. Sophie S.
18. Donovan
20. Sofia
26. Dani
33. Sarah
35. Olivia
36. Isabelle
41. Kendall
47. Sarah Mc.

Here is how the boys placed in the group of 68 finishers (11 DNF)
2. Will
16. Reed
19. Julian
22. Kyle
25. BRendan
26. Max McL.
31. Max Vinnik
46. Cameron
51. Ty
53. Alec
57. Schuyler
63. AJ
Trace – DNF (lost his ski on the 2nd run)

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