It\’s Hunting Season!

Job hunting season that is….

Discovering and honing in on your communication style surely is key in a current job search.  Identifying your style can help you work with the situation at hand and connect you with people of the same or different styles of communication!   Do you know which communication style is your strongest? Or your weakest? It\’s good to know your communication strengths on many different levels, but when looking for a new position it is good to position them to show yourself in the best light!

In a recent speech at my Speakeasy Toastmaster Club meeting, I shared how communication styles are discovered in a recent job interview experience. This post will outline the different styles and how they came into play that day.

Taking the train to New York City 2 weeks ago I encountered diverse people and challenging circumstances all while building confidence and fending off nervousness as I head to my first real interview of the “season” Let’s just call it job hunting season.  Below is how the day unfolds and how each communication style comes into play.

  1.    (STYLE: DOMINANCE / DIRECT) I arrived at the ticket window to check my ticket and found out it was returning home on the wrong date! Quickly and efficiently I changed the ticket to return on the same day and reviewed all my communication to be sure they didn’t expect me to stay overnight which indeed I had done correctly.           
  2.  (Style: CONSCIENTIOUS / ANALYTICAL) Arriving in NYC – looking to find the location, talking to random strangers on the street to finally find the doorway on 1E 55thStreet — where there was no sign or indication of the organization until you walked in the building.  Thankful for my friend who gave me the tip to find the location WAY before the interview – because that really could have been an issue!     
  3. (Style: INFLUENCE / INTIATING) The interview was a 1;1 with 4 higher level executives ending with the CEO.   Using my gregarious personality to share my experiences of building relationships and collaboration and really getting the results by building the structure to be successful was my key message.   My energy was felt and I could see the smiles and connection I made with each executive.    
  4. (Style: STEADINESS / SUPPORTIVE)I was happy to connect with other people in the office – saying hello to the assistant that helped me and thanked her before leaving the building.  It really is about a team effort and you could see the team was supported at this organization just as I have been a part of a great organization and felt that team support I could see I would fit in well here.  My loyal team focus for 24 years in one organization says a lot.    

It is a combination of styles that we all have that makes us unique and even though I am strongest in the Influence and Direct communication styles, it all needs to be woven together to create the picture of who you are and how you work with people. 

The resource that I found helpful beyond the Toastmaster\’s Pathways Dynamic Leadership Path guidance was this Athlete assessments website that shared how best to work with athletes and different communication styles. This was a great assignment and my speech was well received by the members that evening. Toastmasters has been an amazing experience contributing to my professional growth.

 The season has begun! –Wish me happy hunting!

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