Ironman 70.3 World Championships – RESULTS!


Overall place: 1113 of 1466 starters and 1650 qualifiers
Overall time: 5:18:17
Age group rank: 33/63 W40-44
Race number: 1200
Rank in age: 49 overallL: 1246 swim time: 38:41 per/100m 2:03
T1: 3:50
age rank: 37 overall rank: 1203 2:43:39 20.5 mph
T2: 2:59
age rank: 23 overall rank: 946 bike time: 1:49:09 8:20 min/mile

The story:
Flying to Tampa on Thursday I was looking through the race guide (and my friend Stac can start laughing here…) and realized that OMG! the race is on Saturday and not Sunday. All my triathlons to date that I have raced in this year were on Sundays and not quite sure how I messed this one up, but I had the date in my calendar WRONG – – so I called Steve immediately to calm myself and start to prepare (even though it was so tight). Arranging the schedule with Kathy at the Curves conference to leave a little earlier from Orlando was done and now I managed to get to Tampa – – drive to Orlando – – work my shifts and meet some great people from Curves.

I drove to Clearwater after the night at the Rosen Shingle Creek resort (Which was truly an amazing golf resort) and after having put my bike together with my incredible mechanic husband – – drove at 8 AM to Clearwater. I arrived to the Expo area at the Harborview Convention Center. The race was so well organized, there were no long lines and lots of volunteers. They had you wait until there was one of the 12 volunteers sitting at the table to walk you through all the instructions and race numbers. Then to get weighed in case of dehydration they had a record. Not so much fun on the scale. : ) Check my timing chip and get my tshirt and time to shop! I got a sweatshirt that I absolutely love…. soft, fleecy, white Ironman style and a tech tshirt with the IM info on it.

Next to deal with my bike. My front tire was all worn out so I went to the bike place (tent) to have the guys put on my tire and straighten, tighten and adjust anything so that I could ride with a sound mind in the morning. LOVE my new tire, but I was looking around with “bike envy” at the thousands of dollars in bikes and wheels riding by and hanging on the rack. Although I am truly in love with my Italian road race bike – my Ciocci – – white and royal blue accents – – I have had since 1999. Crazy the money that is spent on these new bikes… some day. : )
My “sleeper” bars (as Steve calls them) were tightened and the guy laughed at the “jimmy rig” that I had for the bars after losing a screw. : )

Now off to place all my stuff in transition that was going to close at 5 pm. I packed my bags – blue for bike and red for run. They don’t let you in the transition area after racking your bags – – Again I FINALLY found a parking space, met my personal volunteer guide (the volunteers were INCREDIBLE). It was carpeted all around where the bikes were held and she walked me through every step so I would be prepared (where were these volunteers all those times I got lost!).

Once I had all my stuff in place, knowing that I could get back in to my bike the next day to add my water bottles with fuel I was all set! Steve arrived that night – letting me sleep until he arrived around 1:30 am and then I awoke to find that they lost his luggage with the things I forgot (watch, water bottles for fuel and goggles). His mom was so great to pick him up and they went to Wal-Mart to get me goggles that worked great!

The race:
Woke up at 4 am – ate a bagel / egg and made my fuel for the ride. Got to Pier 60 and found a great parking space. We walked to the bike transition – – realized I forgot my timing chip and my bathing cap disappeared – – so I needed a new one. Steve went back got my chip and I found someone for a cap. WE went to the beach – prepped and I stared out to the ocean (dreading the swim as always). The swim felt very crowed and I was hit a few times. I felt straight at least and not too tired, but know that I struggle for time there with lack of (or no training to be honest, besides the races that I do) — so on to the bike (which also had lack of training, but is my strength from the past – – sorry to sound like I am making excuses, but I am SO competative inside myself.). The bike was fun – I felt fast because I passed all those fast swimmers that can’t bike as well. Although I did find some girls my pace in their late 30″s amd early 40’s. One from Mexico, one from Victoria Canada and one from Italy. It was fun — tight in spots that made me nervous because of drafting, but there really wasn’t a choice and I kept far back as I could. The roads were flat and fast, just a few little inclines and a LOT of head wind. The last stretch was tough. There were 2 bottle drops and I pushed the liquids.

Once on the run – I was hungry and tired. : ) It was noon and I was ready for lunch. Oh well. GU for lunch. Hmmm, well they had bannanas and oranges – – so I fueled a bit and climbed the bridge over the water out onto the main area – around the housing development and back – 2 loops. I had to go the bathroom (woman stuff, belly issues) …. My second loop felt faster, but I really just maintained. I pushed to the finish and sprinted (Steve likes the effort put out at the end – – so I did my best) My time was 5:18 which I felt pretty good about – considering such a tough ocean swim and well – late season racing…. Yippee! It was about qualifying and being there. I was really happy with my results and wasn’t sore like Chicago – so I was happy. Happy to be done.

We walked the pier area, saw the girl Kim that beat me in Big Lake at the half and also won her qualifying spot at Timberman. She was injured, but happy with her results. Nice girl, good to connect with her.

Found my overall results today after missing our flight out home this morning because of the offsite rental car location – – here one more night before heading home.

HAPPY – – just about 50% in my age group. Not too shabby – – 20 mph on the bike (cool) and my run wasn’t so bad afterall. : )I love being Steve’s “rock star” – – we played golf the next afternoon – – guess what? I can play golf too!

Next year – I will be better trained next year. : )

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