ING Georgia Marathon – Winning Results!

My results: NANCY PECK (Half)| Bib #10128|SUNAPEE, NH – USA | Age 42 | F
7:04:17 AM EST 42:16 1:31:09
TIME Chip Time: 1:31:09 Clock: 1:31:45 Pace: 6:57
Place Overall: 88 Gender: 14 Division: 1

Actually because of chip time, I was 1st in my age group- and 12 overall – – I see that they gave me the 1st in age because of chip time, but not overall. There are rules of gun time qualification, so I understand. BUT there is quite a crazy story to the start….

My excuses: Although not everyone needs excuses, it is always good to know what you could do differently next time to get a better result.

1. No speed work
2. No sleep (6 hours in 2 days)
3. Change in routine – new racing flats (Speedstars – very happy – no blisters) – new socks (LUCKY Julie Sullivan Irish socks) .. you just never know when you try something new. I admit that if I was to change more than it may not be as easy…
4. Hot Atlanta – I have been running in 20 degrees, neg 20 degrees and all those temps in between.
5. No mile signs, No clocks, I had no idea where in the race I was and what my efforts toward my goal would be…..
6. 20 mile run the day before didn’t help with being “fresh” that is for sure.

Things that went well:
1. Nice cushy bed at Judy’s – so the sleep (4 hours I got) was good!
2. Pre race meal – wheat toast with Smart Balance.
3. Training – Boston training, long runs and “junk Miles”
4. Positive attitude – I CAN DO IT!
5. Connection – the ability to dig deep and connect, make it happen.

For marathon trip photos CLICK HERE

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