In a Yellow House Photo Challenge: Urban – Northampton, MA

Another photo challenge for the week – “In a Yellow House” guest host this month is my new photog friend Ashley Sisk who has been so encouraging and just by following her blog I have linked up with these new challenges to test and grow my photographic skills.

The theme this month is URBAN.  And as you all know I am a country girl at heart, never lived in a city (unless you can call Boulder, CO a city – which I actually lived in Louisville, so even that doesn’t count!).  🙂  I love the country and all the photos that come from the country, but this urban theme had me thinking creatively and I took my friend Sasha on a “Photo Walk” in Northampton, home of Smith College where there is so much diversity and character in the streets.  It is the closest thing to a city in my neighborhood.  SO here is my interpretation with scenes from Northampton.  Enjoy!

Link here to Nancy E Photography for the entire collection of 70 plus photos!

VIVA – Fresh Pasta Company
The best food in town – actually the whole area, as we recently have been visiting here for lunch – my favorite new lunch spot.  They make their own fresh home made pasta and the Portabello mushroom ravioli is to die for! Thanks to Lynn Lenker for the recommendation — if you are in town – stop at VIVA!  Yummy.

Wish I had this shot for the “Chair” on last week’s scavenger hunt!  🙂  I Love this street scene.

It is odd to take photos of people in the streets, like it is an invasion of privacy.  This photo shows the street performer playing his guitar, very peaceful and expressive.  Reminds me of Boulder where this was the scene every day on Pearl Street (designed by the same people that designed Church Street in Burlington, VT)  There are so many performers in the streets and it was reported that they make VERY good money. 🙂

Taking clock photos a lot on this walk — just something about time standing still….  The angles of this old clock on the top of the church in the center of town was my favorite.  Hope you like the photos – please leave a comment if you stop by!

In a Yellow House Photo Challenge

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