In a Yellow House: Art — 3rd grade Open House at Swift River!

This week’s challenge at In a Yellow House is “Art”….  and this week was Open House at Swift River where we got to meet Schuyler’s 3rd grade teacher and his classmate’s and families.  I really love seeing all the children he talks about all the time and there was no “meet the teacher day” for third grade.  We got there late, and actually ended up having to wait in the hall, and Schuyler kept pulling on us hoping to escape because of a planned song performance later….  but we stayed and got to say hi to Mrs Opalenik and some of the other families that we have gotten to know and become friends with through the years.

They all grow so fast, it is fun to see them in action sharing their ART with their moms and dads.  Schuyler is a little embarrassed of me with the camera so I do my best to be discreet.  🙂  I didn’t get as much of the atmosphere as I wanted to, but here are some of the highlights. The song was enthusiastic & great fun for the kids (YMCA with different words) and Schuyler hid in the back crouching behind all the girls that surrounded him.

In the hall:  Schuyler’s drawing of his book report “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” — this is his current favorite book series.

Mrs Opalenik – 
3rd grade teacher extraordinaire (She has received high marks from all the local “critics” aka: Moms!)  I love the lighting in this photo as it shines down on her like an angel.  She does a great job with all her students and we are so fortunate that Schuyler has the opportunity to experience her teaching this year.  🙂

Schuyler at his desk
They decorated a shirt brought in from home with a construction paper face & hands and we had to guess which desk was his.  

The class singing enthusiastically for the parents — this was following a version of Jeopardy that answered all our questions on their schedule and how things are organized in class.  Very creative indeed.

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