“Oh the places we will go…” (Mt. Snow, VT)

OUR mountain – Mt. Snow, Vermont
A new winter home for me and Schuyler – a place where Steve has brought up Samantha and Stephen skiing – – Snow camp, Mountain camp where the young ones learn to ski on the “bunny” slope and have all day programs to meet friends. As they grow up a lot of them come to the Training Center to the development program either to further their racing skills before getting into the race program J5, J4, J3, J2 and J1’s. Or they are there for the fun of skiing and to get better (like my 12 year old girls!). Schuyler is in “Devo” and cannot wait to be in the race program! He loves his coach and new friends from the mountain and has become VERY good at foosball!

Come ski with us! Come play – we go to the Snow Barn or the Lodge after skiing on Saturday nights around 5 PM and are staying up there every Saturday while there is snow!

See below some of my photos (taken last weekend – Nancy E Photography) of my favorite trails from around the mountain!

Plummet is on the North Face – my favorite place on the mountain – the trails are steep challenging and the bumps when they build up are just amazing!

EGO alley – what a great name for a race trail. The old barn with the start sign is anther image favorite, but this trail has plenty of personality and the “Ego” chair flies overhead to give you a view of the race on the way up!

“It’s all training for Ripcord” clearly stated Kendra, one of my “girls” – this is the steepest trail on the mountain and quite a wonderful challenge – now all of our girls have mastered. There is one spot where you can take the blue trail “Second Thoughts”, but we now have skied this many times! My first time down was with Mary Kate and Kendra in the fog / rain – what a great day to edge and turn our way down!

Schuyler’s favorite – and the girls too – no snowmaking, no grooming… plenty of trees to dip into and right off the #9 chair. Gotta love it (with rock skis!)

The race trail for Nastar, we ski this at least 3 times a day!

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