I survived the Chicago Marathon! TODAY!!

I started off strong, seeded in the A coral was a bonus and although arriving late and stressing to find my way, made friends with a bunch of people from France… tried to use my high school french with little success… but they were friendly to me at any rate. : ) Steve and I had dinner with John Klika and family (one of my fave collegues from the Midwest Division – and although from a distance, a real encouragement to me in training). After dinner his daughter Lauren was so excited that I was considering a costume…. again… and we searched and seached for a Wonder Woman outfit, only to find this very sexy velour and satin thing… (NOT). So I opted for the tiger ears, bow tie and tail. : ) What a great time in the costume aisle with this sweet 8 year old!

My first half was strong – still on my goal pace of a 3-3:05, thinking back that is probably when I started to feel tired and just worn — trying to drink more, feeling dehydrated in the 90 degrees with 100% humidity of a day (who knew … early October in Chicago!). Steve met me in 4 different sections of the course helping me focus and push…. stop that negative talk and kick it in… then at the 21 I was done, really wanted to walk… not feeling well, I had stopped twice to go the bathroom with no luck – just whoozy and then got back on the course, walking at a few water stops… knowing my pace was slowing waiting to be passed by the 3:15 and 3:20 pacers (but never did, so … i knew EVERYONE was a little off). Thinking of all the excuses why I was so slow… lack of sleep, lack of training…etc. etc. I staggered up the hill and didn’t walk the last 5 miles… it hurt! I made it to the corner toward the finish – STARING at that sign I swung my arms and felt like I was sprinting (but wasn’t)… and crossed the line at 3;26:13. I staggered through the medal people, the chip people, picked up some warm water and sipped some warm gatorade (nothing was cold in this heat… EXCEPT the BEER! I couldn’t help myself, it was the coldest thing there! Yum! I finished half a glass and then through the food area, to the picture people, skipped the thermal blanket and then to the end. Looking for Steve, I met him and we sat in the park for a while – it was tough getting up, down, then walking shopping on Michigan, up and down stairs… pain.. oh well (WAH! I whined a little too much, but feel much better now)> : )

Judy called and gave me my stats! I was so happy to hear – – I was 896 overall (45000 starters), 131 woman, 16 in my division. What a great finish afterall (I can stop whining now and be happy!). Very cool.

We met this other runner on the subway – – everyone’s race was off (they said to add 1 min for each mile because of the heat – which was perfect for me with my time by the way…) – and he chatted with us while we waited for the train.

See below from the Washington Post:
Scorching Chicago Marathon Leaves 1 Dead
Sunday, October 7, 2007; 8:22 PM

CHICAGO — In a race run in scorching heat that left one man dead, Kenya’s Patrick Ivuti won the Chicago Marathon by a fraction of a second Sunday. At least 49 runners were taken to hospitals and another 250 were treated at the site.

About 10,000 of the 45,000 registered runners chose to not race in the heat despite more mist stations, cooling buses and water-soaked sponges, while another 10,934 started but didn’t finish, officials said.

On a high point the third place woman was Kate O’Neil from Massachusetts was third woman. It was a tough race, definitely the hottest marathon I have ever run! They say that never before has a major marathon been cancelled. Pretty sad for those that couldn’t finish after all the training (first time marathoners and others!)

FYI Last year’s stats vs. this year’s stats (VERY cool! Feeling pretty good afterall!)

Chip Time: 2006: 3:14:38
2007: 3:26:13

Clock: 2006: 3:21:14
2007: 3:26:13

Pace: 2006: 7:25
2007: 7:51

Overall: 2006: 2161
2007: 890

Gender: 2006: 263
2007: 128

Division: 2006: 35
2007: 15

FYI: I am truly amazed! AND very sore!

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