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My speech last night at my local Toastmasters International club with the goal to inspire by connecting with the audience was about my experience getting started in triathlons and competing. I am truly improving as a speaker in Toastmasters and hope to build on this love for speaking in the future.

Displayed in the front of the room were my framed photos / plaques of 3 of the 4 Ironman Triathlons that I completed in the 1990s. This framed photo is the very first triathlon I completed in 1990 that my friend Mary Sherowski from Bodygears was my sponsor. She had the photo made into poster size and had it framed for me! 

A photograph of me at my first Ironman triathlon in 1990

I shared how my motivation for doing triathlons came from gaining a bit too much weight in college and my confidence was at an all time low. The need to make some changes in my lifestyle and exercise routine was in store. I was introduced to triathlons by competing at a small triathlon at Green Mtn College with Glenn Goodman = Mr Doody didn\’t show up as the runner and I ended up being the swimmer and the runner. The next year I did my first triathlon at that same location and fell in love with the triathlon! My dedication to the sport lead me completing 4 Ironman distance triathlons, qualifying for 2 National US Championships at the Olympic Distance and the World Championships for the half ironman. Since then I focused on the marathon, and mountain running and cross country. My current love is trails and mountain running and truly just love the thrill of competition. It is what drives me and keeps me training.  


But most of all I love the people I have met along the way and the stories I have to tell of my adventures. Cheers to all my friends that compete and strive to be the best they can be at every level of sport.  

1994 – Here I am photographed at the finish line. This Ironman was in Martha\’s Vineyard with a very choppy ocean swim!

Nancy Peck (Cook) – 4 time Ironman competitor

Iron-man Triathlon –swim 2.4 mile, bike 112 miles, run -6.2 miles
PR – 11:52:01
1990 – Sunapee, NH (12:59)
1991- Sunapee, NH (12:36:41)11th female
1994 -Martha’s Vineyard (12:15:42) 9th female
1996 -Sunapee, NH – 11:51 – 2nd place female

My 4th time completing a Ironman distance triathlon with the goal to qualify for the Ironman in Hawaii. I placed 2nd in my age this year in 1995. To qualify for Hawaii you need to place 1st in your age group. So close yet so far away!

What\’s on your bucket list for athletic competitions? Please share.

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