Going – going – almost gone!

Here it is — and this is just what I have been brushing out.
It’s getting everywhere and its disgusting.  🙁  It clings to my clothes and it is really tough to wash my hair, which is what happened today —- it started coming out in droves!  🙁

It’s going fast and I think it is almost time to shave it off.  Have you heard of others that have had a party to celebrate shaving their heads?  If I could drink wine that may be fun, but I can’t — it tastes horrible, which is sad too….  🙁

We go to Pink Petal tomorrow to pick up the wig, so if this gets worse, the shave treatment will be this weekend or early next week.  Sorry to be such a downer in this post, I am usually so up, but this is just yucky!

Pink Petal should be an upper thought — after I get some blood tests before RCHOP #2 on Monday & Tuesday next week.  Donna at the Pink Petal is always such an upper, I am looking forward to seeing her and talking with her and getting my new blonde wig!  HA!  🙂  My friend Judy is so happy I am going blonde….  it is going to be fun to try on all the styles and colors….  I promise to take photos.  It will be a happier, more uplifting post than that pile of hair above!


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