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WE went to the driving range in Hadley yesterday.  Steve is an amazing golfer.  Since we have been together he hasn’t focused on his golf game as much because we go to running races on the weekends, and waterskiing on the boat seems to keep us so busy golf has taken a back seat.  But we have been a few times, I played at the Phoenician when we were in Arizona, and we played with Alex in Clifton Park, NY.  Steve has played a few times with friends, but that is about it.  It is one thing that we have on the list and really want to try and fit into our lives at some point.  Until then, we try to get out to the driving range.  I bought some beautiful Callaway Clubs for myself and a set of clubs for Schuyler, hoping he would get into playing as well.  My golf bag and golf shoes are just adorable!  It is funny, but that was really fun to pick out — they have such great stuff for women.

I love to SMASH the ball.  Steve was pretty amazed, but then again my athletic talent and strength — along with my stick and ball skills translated well when I held a golf club.  It is truly a joy to get all lined up, understand the mechanics and hit the “sweet spot” and watch that little ball sail into the sky!  Steve is an amazing coach.  As an engineer he sees the mechanics of the swing and replicates it in himself, he studies the top golfers like Ben Hogan — and has truly become an amazing golfer.  His skill in hitting the ball is a beauty to watch.  🙂  And I love to take his photo so he can see each part of the golf swing and analyze back at the house later.  🙂

Here are my favorite shots from yesterday.  I saw this Sweet Shot Friday challenge and thought this golf outing was perfect for entry.  Hope you do too!  Enjoy the photos and please leave me a note if you stop by!

I love my clubs! 

My gorgeous husband — he is so amazing!  This is my #1 choice for BEST SHOT!

I thought this would be a great macro shot – or a great ad for LUXE balls from Wilson — love the pink!

Love my SIGG!  I got Steve a black one so we can be “bride & groom” – Always.

And me – for in the photo Friday — I really like this one of me and my golf clubs.  🙂  

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