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We started out as young moms – with our babies all the same age – – they were 3 months old – Carson, Liam, John Wayne, Abby, Schuyler, Matthew, Courtney, Lily, Robert,Quinn, Cameron & Olivia. We shared tummy time first steps, first words and each and every moment of growth in our children with eachother. Our beliefs in many things were the same and acceptance for those differences was clear and supportive at the same time. Some stay at home moms and some like me that work full time and fit it all in. We have grown together through these past 5 years and become great friends. Xmas parties, summer parties, each and every birthday party – we coined our group the Birthday Party Gang at one point and always smile at the silence that a cake after the “happy birthday” song brings.

The beach in the summer, the toys on the lawn and then the winter slopes that our in our neighborhood we all count our blessings for these wonderful friendships. When the group turned 3 we put together our own co-op preschool and took turns teaching those MWF mornings for 2 plus years. It was an incredible experience to teach these beautiful children and to be a part of their early growth. My photography has grown in the experience of taking their photos – each with their own personality, smile & inner/outer beauty. I love each and every one of them.

Some how we found time for ourselves in these recent years, now that the children are going to school and there is more balance in our lives. So our once a month “play date” is with eachother. This could be a movie, a “List Party”, hot tub at Nancy’s, tubing, dinner at a local restaurant or bowling.

I am thankful for these friends!

Jen – tennis player, personal trainer (Kyle & Courtney’s mom – Schuyler’s little girlfriend)

Paulette – social worker, training for her first marathon, David’s wife (runner / friend) and mom to Abby & Annaliese

Heidi – Robert’s mom – Boston Red Sox fan and makes some incredible jewelry and fun parties at her log cabin overlooking the mountain. Runs daycare centers in MA.

Dawn – past military, met Joe (my spin class instructor/triathlete friend) in NYC. Biggest heart ever, God loving incredible woman. Mom of Matthew & Jonah

Linda – owns and runs the Inn at Pleasant Lake, our favorite restaurant in the area with her chef husband Brian. LOVE the story on how they met when she was a cocktail waitress in Blackhawk, CO! Mom of Olivia & Josh

Sharon – Fellow wine lover and boating friend. Deemed leader of our playgroup from the beginning. Always the diplomat, and always with a smile. I love spending time with her (New Year’s was the BEST!). Web designer and mom to Carson & Saylor – they are our extended Canadien family.

Maria – neighbor up the road. Joined the group just recently. Mom to Quinn & Cole. Social worker and loves to teach, hoping to have a preschool at her home.

Rhonda – The neighbor who welcomed me and got me to New London hospital to meet all these incredible women from the beginning. Mom to Liam & Lilliana. Rhonda is in spin class too!

Stephanie – Mom of Lily & Ashley… Brown Hill Boat house parties will always be a great memory for me. Stephanie loves to have fun, so light hearted and caring. She is always the first to volunteer and help the community. Fashion lady!

Kim – John & Jake’s mom. Kim is the researcher, very blue (data driven) always on top of the latest info! Cyclist and a loyal friend to those she has in her circle, I am happy to be a friend of hers.

(picture – girls at Christmas)

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