Texas Hill out & back – plus E Street hill

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Texas Hill out & back – plus E Street hill

Visiting Terry and family in Hinesburg — I ran 10 miles on Sunday morning. This route is very hilly and now I have proof! Out and back down to town, back up the hill, then I took a wrong turn and went up this street that began with an E…. VERY hilly – reminded me of Stowe, Mt Washington and Pack! 10 miles total. Worth the separate post! Pink ran with me the whole way too! 🙂 Hopefully she won’t be stiff tomorrow. I missed my Oakley and will post a picture of Pink with this post for that memory of her being so great and following right behind me – even when other dogs were right across the street. Very well trained puppy – a gorgeous 5 yr old yellow lab. 🙂

So this is the beginning of sharing my workouts. I love my new Forerunner 405 and trying to figure out how to share with my friends that run too. It is amazing – the elevation and the splits showing on the post when you download. I just have to label it and call it good. Takes the work out of keeping a running journal. SO happy with it!

Tip of the day: Turn off the Virtual Running Parter, turn on the auto lap to one mile and lock the bezel so you don’t make a mistake and hit it.

Photos: The Barbour Family — I was so thankful to be able to take their Christmas card photo and got some really good ones of them on their property. They have an amazing view of Camels Hump in the background!

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