Boston Marathon Training 20 milers 1 & 2 Training Details

Thursday March 4, 2010 
Garmin Connect –Activity Details for Quabbin Tower out & back – 20 miler #1

A great day for a long run – sunshine, blue skies.  The one thing I really love about my Forerunner 405 is that I just turn on the satellites start the training and off I go on a 20 miler of my choice.  I have not run long on the Quabbin and it is down the street so not a normal run for me.  I hate to drive to run, so off I went up Bay, Allen and over the top to the route to Ware that heads to the Quabbin.  I remember the field trip and all the history behind this magnificent place.  It is so beautiful to run along the Windsor Dam and see the water — this reservoir has a LOT of history!  The wind was strong across the dam and in my face at times.  I saw the sign up to the Tower and made the trek part of my run.  It slowed me down, but was worth the view!  There were a few cars, a couple hikers and “tourists” checking out the view – early in the spring season….  Back home I felt strong and fast.  Pretty great for my first 20!  In total I ran more than 24 and was very happy with the run. 

Fuel:  2 GU, Performance
Recovery:  OJ, Frozen Strawberries & Mango, Performance & Physique with ice in the vita mix, Bananas & PB, Almonds & peanut M&M’s!
Powersong:  Breathe (2 Am) – Anna Nalick

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Garmin Connect –
Activity Details for 20 miler #2 – Neighborhood & Bike Path Loop

Another great spring day for a run todays trek headed me out with Oakley for a little warm up and then with indecisiveness I went out on a long run mapped out last year.  Again so great to have the 405 so I don’t need to map, just go!  I have been running these roads so much that is easy for me to estimate where I need to go and turn and finally after 3 years I am home here and know my way around!  I felt a little slow, but remembered my 12.5 miler yesterday and that I wasn’t quite fresh.  Need more stretching and advil prior to my run to help it feel better in the future!  On the bike path I ran into an old friend that I met when her twins Eliza & Marin went to kindergarten with Schuyler.  They are the most beautiful girls and so photogenic!  Trisha Sorber was running with a friend, Kara, who is also training for Boston.  I was pretty psyched to connect with them and hope to train with them in the future, especially Kara in this current quest we both share!  It was mile 10 and I was chatting incessantly – they caught me all wound up and I LOVE to talk when I run so…. blah blah blah (I can hear my friends Beth & Judy laughing).  I had 8 miles to go after I left them and went up and down the bike path checking out the swamps, the geese, the ducks and the random runners, walkers & bikers.  A beautiful path that goes to Northampton where Schuyler will never forget our adventure in the thunderstorm!  Homeward bound up the hill – Old Bay Rd detour to add on enough and then finish!

Fuel:  Powerbar Protein, 1 GU and Performance
Recovery:  OJ, Frozen Strawberries & Mango, Performance & Physique with ice in the vita mix. Bagel & PB!
Powersong:  Get Up by Superchick

40 days to go to BOSTON!
1 more 20 miler (next week!) then taper!
$875 raised — only $125 to meet my goal for ACS Determination!
Hotel reservations made!
PTO requested!

Boston #4 for me!  Looking forward to it — and will start thinking about goals soon.  Winter training is difficult with coaching at Mount Snow, but i think I have found a solution with some extra vacation time this year to make it work.  Hoping that a 3:10-3:15 is in sight – with a new age group the results could be VERY cool.

Keep on running!

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