Fuel for the Body! Apples! Apples! Apples!

This is a second in a series of posts celebrating whole food – fresh food and creative ways to prepare it as fuel for your body.  

Apples…  makes you think of fall right?  At least here in New England, we have so many amazing apple orchards in Massachusetts and Vermont, in a good growing year they are abundant, fresh and flavorful!  In our town the University of Massachusetts manages Cold Spring Orchard for research and education – it\’s a great orchard to visit and scenic for some great photos too as it overlooks the Cold Spring area!

In the spirit of some sage advice given…. an apple a day keeps the doctor away…  we know that fruit is good for us and to find fun ways to prepare our favorite fruits is a wonderful challenge.  My number one favorite is apple sauce, cook up some apples, add some cinnamon and zip it up in the Vitamix (my all time favorite kitchen appliance)!

Of course there is apple crisp, with oatmeal and brown sugar, cinnamon and butter — mix it up and top on sliced apples and bake!  Easy peazy!  Apples can be baked in all your favorite foods – so healthy for you and tasty!  Find your favorite apple and see how it tastes in all those fun recipes!

Today I am featuring Apple Chips!  I haven\’t yet expensed a fruit dryer so I just carefully bake (don\’t take that lightly because they burn easy) in the oven at a low temp and you will be successful.

Apple Chips!

What you need;  

  • 5-6 Apples (Granny Smith are my favorite this time of year but you can use all varieties)
  • Cinnamon – Penzey\’s makes an amazing Vietnamese cinnamon that I love!
  • Coconut oil spray for the pan
  • Mandolin for slicing – or a large kitchen knife to cut them as thin as you can.

I have been using spray coconut oil to keep everything fresh tasting and light — add some Penzey\’s Cinnamon and bake at 300 for 20 minutes carefully watching and stirring them to help them dry.  The thinner they are the faster they will cook.

Super yummy!   Good in oatmeal, granola or just for snacking!

Thanks for stopping by! What\’s your favorite apple and apple recipe – please share in the comments if you have one – I would love to hear it!  Fall is my favorite time of year in New England!  Keep on following me for more great apple recipes during that special time of year!





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