From Concept to Congratulations – Nancy Cook – featured speaker to the AMA

The AMA has monthly speakers at their luncheons and I was recruited by Paul Shurr, a SUNY marketing professor and volunteer with this group. He was in Steve’s Pro Jam group at Mt. Snow in December prepping for his level 2 skiing, and after talking to him about what I do for ACS, he asked me to come and speak to the group. He was especially supportive yesterday, as well as Courtney (a fellow Vermonter) and the new incoming chairperson, who stayed after to help me pick up my speakers and computer equipment I had brought to the event.

Keith, ACS Regional Director (from Lake George area) and Michelle (Strides manager from Albany) were able to join me at the luncheon. Michelle actually helped with the ppoint and it was great to have the local connection there for the group. Great people as always – my ACS colleagues. It was a last minute note to the Upstate team and they were so great to make the time to come and support me.

The announcement of my talk to the group is posted here to see the summary and what they published in the newsletter. All great stuff. Good for the ACS to reach out, good for me to outreach and talk to marketers in the field. And great to be re-energized!

More of what they published on me and the talk about the NCTP. It was a great experience for me and really has energized me in my position right now. One must reach within themselves, sometimes get positive feedback from their supervisor, but this is great way to help feel good about what you are doing and know that you are making a difference.

Here is the link to the AMA

Here is the summary of my key points

1. How to maintain momentum while starting from scratch in your market by sharing experiences of participation and success in a nationwide forum.
2. Strategies to foster success among diverse audiences. Whether it is a smaller office based in New Orleans, Miami, New York City or LA, the NCTP to engage with each company in every region through resources provided to volunteers and staff.
3. Incorporating key values into your message. Finding a “mission match” and how these companies have made a difference in the fight against cancer through community values. We will look at some examples of companies and how they have sent key value statements in promotion of involvement in the community and how it benefits them to support that outreach and philanthropy.

Here is the link to the videos i showed at the luncheon – and it all went very smoothly! Thanks to my husband, the MAC and the Dell speakers, everything fell right into place!

Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.

Corporate Appeals with the NCTP

One more thing:
Keith wrote a wonderful note to his colleagues as a follow up to seeing me at the event. (another really cool feel good thing for me) : )

Good evening All,
Michele Mack and I were honored to be the lunch guests today of Nancy Cook, National Director, Corporate Relations, American Cancer Society Relay For Life and Employer Initiatives… She was the Featured Speaker addressing The American Marketing Association’s Capital District Chapter at Wolfert’s Roost Country Club…

It was great to meet an ACS member who deals on a National Stage and to hear her recount the incredible genesis of what now number 37 RFL National Business Partners from a modest start of 4 when she started out on this National initiative… Her efforts have manifested themselves in many of our Capital District Relay Team’s Relays including PARTY-LITE, BESTBUY,DRESS BARN/MAURICE’s,METRLIFE,WALMART and on and on…She has really distinguished herself…

Nancy did a great job, was very personable, ( Michele even worked her Powerpoint presentation for her 🙂 ) and was a Fun, lady to boot…

Attached you will find a photo that a Photographer in American Marketing Association was kind enough to send to Michele and me of the three of us….

Any questions, then please do not hesitate to reach out to Michele or me…

Have a Great Friday!

Keith d. 🙂

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