Friends: Judy Reichling

It isn’t more than a day that I don’t hear from my friend Judy – who lives in Atlanta with her husband Tom in Lawrenceville, GA.
She has two great boys (Matt & Andy) who I have met and spent a little time with through the years (each have also spent time with Schuyler which is cool!). We have been friends since the days of MAXX and RETS – – and those in ACS world can appreciate that this was LONG ago. Especially since we are beyond Kintera, into Convio and heavy into SIEBEL! 🙂 I have been with ACS now 14 years and she has been close to 16 years so we have known eachother for more than 10 years! Thick & thin, she has been there for me. We have many stories to tell! shhhhhhh

I really have enjoyed our friendship, the many mornings that we have run together in various cities that we visit for Relay meetings. She is one person I can always count on being there for me, not expecting too much, but a sensitive caring friend that I know really deep down will be there for me. We have run a few marathons together, tried to get groups together to visit and go and really only got together on 3 of them (Disney, Chicago & the Woodstook 1/2). She visited me when Schuyler was a baby, and then again when things were “rough” and now just recently in my new happy life here in Belchertown. She has seen me through so much and like I said has been there – at least every other day (Even on weekends) to encourage me in my racing and just to talk about work or whatever needs to be accomplished. Cheers to Judy – my dear friend, running partner, colleague and more!

Here are some great photos from the wedding.
It was really funny when I asked Judy to do my hair – when I decided not to go professional, because she does such a GREAT job with her own hair and I pick on her so much for taking so much time on her hair when we travel to meetings… she was the PERFECT hairdresser for me. : ) My friend – and the best hairdresser ever!

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