Friday Confessional

OK – here goes my attempt #2 at this game….

It is Memorial Day weekend and I am going to try to confess…

  1. Enabling – Schuyler is truly my weakness, he knows how to push my buttons and make me feel guilty and sad at the same time.  We were in Snowbird and he brought me to tears.  How can an 8 year old do that to me?  This morning he was driving me batty because he is so slow….  I beeped the horn at him to get him moving and he started to cry.  “Guilty Mom of the Day”.  I am working on not giving in to his whims and teaching him that I am treating him to ice cream and it isn’t something that is coming to him once a week….   it goes on…
  2. Guilt – I feel guilt so much from so many different actions of people whether they mean it or not.  Top on the list is my mother, my husband and of course Schuyler.  I need to try not to read into these very important people in my life. I can only do the best that I can….
  3. Jealousy – I am the a very jealous person when it comes to my husband.  Mostly jealous of his past lives without me wishing I were there.  But it isn’t a good trait as it backfires and he shows jealousy as well.  Not sure how to fix it except constant LOVE.  🙂
  4. Time management – I need more motivation at work — the day flies by and I get the majority of my stuff done in 4 hours.  Of course I feel guilty that I am not constantly working, but need the focus on particular pieces of work that need completing.  I get it all done, but it isn’t easy lately.  Really sad that I found out 70 people were recently laid off from our organization and last spring we had such a big downsizing at the national office, I worry as a remote office person about my job.  But keep on excelling and focusing on making a difference and putting my time where I can best serve those that I work with every day.  
  5. Weight – – Food & Wine – This is a problem for me sometimes, trying to look the best I can for my gorgeous husband and of course for my own self esteem.  I confess that I LOVE food and i LOVE wine and I would vary my diet SO much more if I didn’t worry about my weight on a daily basis.  I think I can run faster if I am skinnier…   I will look better in a wetsuit if I am skinnier…..  I will look better in marathon photos if I look like a skinny runner….   But honestly I really like the way I look right now.  But I weigh 146 lbs!  That would be humungous in most people’s books, my thighs are huge, but I ski —etc….  oh well —-  got to love me for me!  right?

OK – that is it, it wasn’t as funny as  I hoped – maybe I will try the humorous angle next time…

Happy Friday everyone!  TGIF  — Long weekend ahead!  Yay!
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