Fresh Salads for Summer! Macro Friday!

It’s summertime!  Time for Farmer’s Markets and all of our favorite farm stand visits!  We love fresh sweet corn from Hadley – there is this great stand right off 116 that has the best corn in the WORLD!  Serious!  Then there is this roadside home that puts out little 3 lb boxes of tomatoes that are just the best!  We always go to the corner Organic Farm stand in Granby for our tomatoes and Saprowsky’s down the street has everything if we don’t get it at all the other stops along the way.  We live in a Mecca for organic gardening…. it is all around us, stands on every corner… and it seems every town here in Western Mass has a farmer’s market weekly.

We all need to support these local heroes and it is so great that there is so much to see and choose from.  It is a real adventure and experience at each market.  The people are all so healthy and happy, quite the people fest….  I think a photo junket to take pics is in store soon!  We love it!

Here is a link to all our local farmers markets.  They are real easy to find in your area too!   🙂
We love salad.  Capresse is my favorite, but this below is what we make most every day with our dinner in the summertime.  Add the protein of your choice, but the beauty and art of a salad is truly something to share and so very healthy for you on so many levels.  

Sweet Salad
Fresh greens
Red peppers
Red onions
Salt & Pepper
Almond slices
“Good” balsamic vinegar
Extra virgin Olive Oil

Here is my macro photo of the week.
 I thought the individual colors in the salad was just beautiful.  Hope you think so too!

Love our Simon Pearce dishes too — always great for photos and presentation – such a beautiful meal. 

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