Fourth of July: Our Nation’s Bird

We have been spending our time on the Connecticut River on our boat and the fourth of July was spent with family and friends.  There were not a lot of red white and blue outfits or parades, just a bunch of people having fun, grilling on the backside of their party barges and spending time with their kids jumping off the back of the boats, tubing, skiing and jet skiing on the river.  Here is the post to our adventure —–>

But what we did see is our favorite bird – the bald eagle“Our Nation’s Bird” – She flies in the same area that we dock and I was able to get these shots of her with my 18/300 zoom Nikon lens.  I love the zoom and sometimes use it as binoculars alone.  🙂  It was so tough to get close enough to get any kind of photo and now I know why the sport photographers have the “mega” zooms on their cameras.

Above is my favorite – I think mainly because you can feel her strength and determination – and below I have a couple below that would have been perfect if they were just a little clearer and closer.

I hope you like these photos — they seem to give a sense of peace from a once almost extinct bird with such strength & beauty.

 High in the sky 

And away to fields….  I love how you can see the large wing span in this photo.


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