First Day at Mount Snow -Alpine Team Training Hike

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Mount Snow Alpine Team Training Hike

Our first day up at Mount Snow for training. Since there was no snow a dry land training plan was put in place! All the kids geared up and we headed to the top of the mountain. My garmin workout shows the elevation gain and the GPS coordinates of our hike. You can see we hiked around to the top and then descended straight down Upper Canyon. The snow was about 2 feet in places, with about 3-6 inches at the top and on the trail we hiked. Wet, muddy, windy and in total a 4 mile hike in less than 2 hours. 🙂

Great to see the kids again, and my favorite faces below… Reed & Jenna! Schuyler joined later and they had a game of soccer in the parking lot. Looking forward to the snow!!

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