The holidays were so grand this year as we were able to visit and spend time with much of our family. The annual trip north to my family for Thanksgiving will now become a tradition as it was so much fun and felt so good to see everyone! It has been great on facebook to reconnect with family and friends and the face to face connection has been even better because we have stayed in touch!

Christmas Eve Eve with the Cook family will also be an annual event for us – although it is so hard during the week to put it all together I think we pulled it off and had a great time for the second year in a row – although we missed Grama / Mom Cook so much! Red wine in the kitchen tasting all kinds, all years and just laughing and sharing during this time of year is so special.

And our family, the kids, Oakley – Schuyler wasn’t able to be with us on Christmas when Samantha & Stephen joined us for the brunch, so we had a special gathering at the Lodge our weekend retreat at Mount Snow to open his gifts with all of our family.

Here posted is all the group photos – to share with all of you – and to give thanks for family.
We love all of you.

Oakley in the backyard
The Stephen Cook Family in Belchertown, MA
The Stephen Cook Family (complete) in Mount Snow, V
The Peck / VanDine / Cook / Sizen Family in Georgia, VT
The Cook Families in Belchertown, MA

The happiest of Holidays!

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