Family Fun on the River: Trendy Treehouse Shutterlove “Faces”

Sunday on the boat with family…. another gorgeous day…. another fun time with our whole family all together which doesn’t happen very often and not as much as we would like…. as Samantha is now living in Boston full time and both her and Stephen have crazy work schedules as young adults in their early twenties.  I remember those days well – 2 jobs and then fitting in the fun with friends.

We had Steve, myself, Schuyler, Stephen & his friend Meaghan, Samantha and her boyfriend Lucas out on the boat on the Connecticut River.  There is this great spot that all the boats dock and it is around 3-4 feet deep where you can jump in swim with the kids and have some fun.  On this particular day there were around 35 boats anchored, jet skis, fellow Moomba waterski boats and plenty of “Party Barges” — it is a people watching fest and just a lot of fun.  We park, play, drink some cold beverages and crank our awesome stereo from the boat and get lots of Vitamin D – with sunscreen applied (Of course!).

Here is my selection of faces for Trendy Treehouse Challenge.  There were so many great shots — I have some more for challenges upcoming later in the week too!  It was fun photographing the family and getting some great shots of such happy fun faces!  I updated my blog with a Photography Fun page and put my own picture taking a picture of me with my Nikon D300s camera.   Nice shot too if I must admit myself!   🙂

So here are my initial selections for “faces” on Trendy Treehouse – Shutterlove Photo Challenge

“Young Love”

 “Teamwork – Getting in on the water gun fight!”

And a true classic of Lucas off the top of the rope swing:


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