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Employee Spotlight Questionnaire:
The national home office of the American Cancer Society has an Employee Spotlight on our intranet and staff are nominated to be featured. I was asked in 2007, but it the interview never materialized. But this past week I was nominated again! Here is the interview to share with you all that I submitted. 🙂

Part I: Basic Information

NAME Nancy E. Cook

How long have you been working for the Society?
15 years ago I was hired by Peg Camp, the current COO of New England Division – I have worked for NH Division, CO Division, New England Division and now have been working for the National Home Office for the past 9 years.

What is your official title? What department do you work for?
National Director, Corporate Relations –I work for both Relay For Life and Employer Initiatives

Where were you born or where did you grow up?
Georgia, Vermont
I was born in NY but grew up in Vermont for 30 years but now am currently living in Belchertown, Massachusetts. I love New England and it will always be my home.

What do you like to do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies or interests?
Running and Alpine skiing. PSIA Level 2 and Level 100 USSA Ski Coach – 20 plus years in the ski industry, skiing is definitely a true love of mine… but I recently completed my 20th marathon and have competed in 4 Ironmans and various other multisport events through the past 25 years. At the Marine Corps marathon on October 25, 2009 I placed first in my age group, 50th woman and 525 out of 22,000 runners!

What do you enjoy most about your job? (Please include a brief description of what you do.) My job has been directing the Relay For Life National Corporate Team Program and engaging nationwide companies to get involved in Relay For Life through teams, sponsorships, survivorship and volunteerism. I love the dedication of time, effort and resources of the volunteers and staff to the mission of fighting cancer. The positive environment and fun of Relay with the passion of the cancer survivors at the events is really something that has motivated me each day.

What was your first job?
I grew up on a farm on Lake Champlain in Vermont. It was my “job” to make dinner and clean house for the family every night when they milked the cows. If he were alive today, my dad would love to tell you stories of my cooking creations!

What was your childhood ambition or your secret ambition?
To be a Pro athlete… I dreamed of excelling in all sports.

What’s always in your fridge?
Strawberries and Cook’s Champagne 

What is your favorite movie, book, or song?
Paolo Nutini – “New Shoes”
I love my Itunes and enjoy putting together energetic playlists to listen when I run and ski.

What is one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you?
In my 40’s I have competed at the highest fitness level in my life with a 3:05 at the 2007 Boston marathon, I have been a nationally ranked triathlete, competed in the US Nationals twice and the Worlds 2 years ago for ½ ironman, and now am a nationally ranked master runner. I am competing in my fifth Boston marathon 2010 with my third ACS Determination campaign in one year. I am “walking the walk” so to speak and you can support my efforts by linking here 

What was your most embarrassing moment?
Getting lost, I am a bit directionally challenged – both embarrassing and frustrating… I got lost on the way to my interview for my first position with the American Cancer Society – and she still hired me, but SO embarrassing! I now have a Garmin (named Sara) that has made my life much easier and helps me get around my neighborhood and more! 

What book is on your night table?
The Training Room, Jon Gordon

What is your idea of a perfect day?
Waking up with my family surrounded by love and skiing fluffy soft snow in the bright blue sunshine!

If you were granted one wish, what would you wish for?
Tons of snow for ski season!

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Shopping – ski equipment & jackets! A girl cannot have too many jackets when you live in the Northeast!

We often ask those we serve to share stories about how their lives have been touched by cancer and how the Society has made a difference to them. Do you have a cancer-related experience that you’d like to share with others? Have you or has someone you know been helped by an American Cancer Society program?
One of my best friends, Susan, is a cancer survivor now living in Portland, OR. I met her through the society when she was on staff in Colorado. Her strength and continued dedication to the mission of fighting cancer is inspiring to me, as she suffer with this disease to keep that focus. Her work on the advocacy connection to fighting this disease is powerful and pushes me to continue communicating what we can do through our advocacy arm to really make a difference in fighting this disease and I encourage everyone staff and volunteers to sign up and take action through our Action Network – it is amazing what more work we can do with more people involved and passionate.

In my Charity Runner quest this past year I have been dedicating my efforts in honor of American Airlines national volunteer leader, Mary Beth Reddell,

Photos (top to bottom)
1. Me – posing for a recognition shot!
2. On the top of the car with my colleagues/friends Kris (director of Breast Cancer Initiatives) and Christine Labaree (Communications Director) when I was first hired in the NH Division. This pic was taken in Bar Harbor, ME.
3. Back in the early RFL BU days – Terri King, Marty Coelho,Olivia Gertz, Denise Atwater, Judy Reichling, me, and Reuel….
3. My Ruffle BU girlfriends / colleagues in Atlanta when the “Fight Back Bus” came to town!
4. RFL Business Unit team with CEO of Ohio, Pat Flynn, Reuel’s wife, Susan Clemmons, Jonell & Mimi when we recognized Dr. Bob Brodell in the Relay For Life Hall of Fame at the Trumbull, OH Relay.
5. EI Girls – going out in Atlanta – Naomi, Shawn & Jane
6. In Los Angeles where we recognized the NCTP volunteers / companies at the Medal of Honor ceremony – Here I am with John Chee(PwC), Ruben Flores (JBS), his wife, Susan Walker (Booz Allen Hamilton) and JA Meza (KPMG)
7. Sue Ann & I – random conference pic.
8. Bob MacKay and I in Dallas – A National volunteer leader and emcee extraordinaire!
9. Judy – we make a great team – running and working!
10. Judy & I with Dr. Bob – celebrating his FAME!
11. Laurie Rappa & Jim Hammelev at the ACS Corporate Impact conference in Chicago this past June.
12. Me in Charity Runner attire for the Vermont City Marathon — having “fun” running 26.2 miles!
13. NCTP group of staff & volunteers in Dallas 2007.

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